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Good Trash

Tuesdays and Fridays are trash days around here.  My kids always know its trash day when we start driving all around the neighborhood.  They usually go, "Are we looking for good trash again?  NOooOO.  Take us home first, pleeeeease!"

Yes, its true.  I drive around my neighborhood either in the morning on trash days or the night before.  I have found some really great stuff that people have put out for the trash men to take!  Last year I picked up a couple saddle stools that were pretty thrashed. They looked like this with totally thrashed paint and all wobbly.
Winsome 20089 Saddle Seat 29 Inch Stool - Black
 My husband and little boys sanded them down.  Then my teenager took them to his woodshop at school and took them apart.  He rubbed his fingers pretty raw sanding all the little posts that fit into the holes of a connecting piece.  THe shop teacher said the stools were falling apart because they were painted before they were glued, and that is not thep proper way to do it.  I am sure they were from Target or Walmart.  Anyway, we bought some wood epoxy and my son got them all glued back together properly so they were sturdy.  Then I painted them a bright apple green, distressed them and glazed them.  We gave them to my parents for one of their Christmas gifts.  They are to be used up at our family cabin.

I also got a HUGE buffet in really good condition.  I will be posting about it once I get it refinished.

I have gotten some other smaller things, including a rug that I sold on Craigslist for $50!  FREE money!!

Here is the first thing I picked up. 

Someone got it from a model home.  It was in perfect condition except one of the mirrors were broken.  There were three mirrors, not just one.  I looked at it and could see that the back could be easily removed to replace the mirror so into my minivan it went.

It took me awhile to get to it  (ok, months actually) but I finally took out the mirror and put in the sheet metal for a magnet board.  I covered the other mirror with chalkboard vinyl.  I got my hubby to hang it sturdily on the wall so we could use it to hang coats and hats and keys.  I love the little shelf for setting my cell phone on when I come in the door.  I didn't even have to repaint it...the color fit into my house perfectly!

What's the best Good Trash you've ever come across?


  1. Good stuff!
    In Memphis I found an old wooden school chair with the wood desk attached. I got out of my car to check it out. I couldn't believe someone was really throughing it away! The owner stepped out her house and yelled, "yes! Take it!" It now is our timeout chair. Ha ha... I'm such a mean mom!

  2. I took a nightstand from my neighbor once, and my parents still have it! A piece of trim was missing from the front, but was sitting on top of the nightstand. I just bought some L-brackets, put it back on, and it was as good as new! My husband would die if he knew I did that :)

  3. We got a trundle bed and a regular bed from from our neighbors trash.

  4. I know this is completely unrelated, but I am in.love with the two birds above it! Are they painted? Vinyl?


  5. Great looking blog Emily!!! Can't wait to read up on all your great ideas!

  6. Oh, the things people toss out. It's nice to know we're not the only ones who pick up "trash", my BF thought I was loosing it until I showed her some of the things we have found, she's sold now, and actually asks to go with me!


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