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Amandas shower by Missy

You may have noticed the picture of my sister and her husband on the right side of my blog who are trying to adopt.  Well, in April, a beautiful baby girl miraculously came into their life! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have little Abigail in our family!  As soon as we found out she would be joining our family, I started planning her baby shower!  It was so fun to create this shower with little Abby in mind.  I decided to go with a princess theme and am thrilled with the way the shower turned out.


My sister, Amanda, her beautiful PRINCESS Abigail, and me.


I created this invitation for the shower.  It is available for sale. Please see my Princess Shower Order Page  for details.

princess shower invitation blog copy


I picked up a couple yards of this pink striped fabric from Home Fabrics for only about $5 a yard! It was the perfect backdrop for the food table. I used some other table cloths we had on hand for the other tables. On the food table a added a contact paper runner in the appropriate green color. I love adding a runner to a food table! You can also use wrapping paper to do this, which of course comes in tons of designs.


I chose light pink, hot pink, yellow, green, and charcoal for the color scheme.  I made cupcake toppers, banners, favor tags, food tags, and a couple signs.  These will all be available for sale as printable files. 




I also made paper chandeliers, which I think really added to the ambience.  I made little crown stickers for the cups, as well as iron-ons for the onesies on one of the banners.



I made this cute sign to put on the table by the front door where I placed the favors.



For this shower I thought it would be fun to do a yogurt parfait bar.  It was a big hit.  I had several types of fruit and yogurt, as well as granola, nuts, and coconut to mix in.  We also had jams and lemon curd to flavor the plain yogurt.  It is soooo yummy!  If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt I highly recommend it.  This is a really easy way to throw a party as there is little preparation other than cutting fruit and toasting nuts and coconut, and it looks super cute!



For dessert we had some delicious lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting, as well as some sugar cookies.  I used a tutorial from Our Best Bites to decorate them.  It was so fun and really not hard at all!  I love how they turned out!We also had little chocolate mousse cups.



To drink we had raspberry sherbet punch which is not only delicious, it is the perfect pink color to go with the shower!


It was so fun to get to throw this shower for my sister and her little miracle baby.  I can’t wait to see Abby again in October and kiss those chubby little cheeks!

Check out this blessing gown my AMAZING sister crocheted for Abby!  Jennifer, my sister, doesn’t really even know how to crochet.  She just taught herself so she could make this gown! I wish I had a close up of the details! She has a blog where she posts things she does around the house and let me tell you, she is AMAZING!  Her blog is www.amasterofnone.blogspot.com. Stop by and say hello and make sure to look for the bathroom vanity she MADE BY HAND OUT OF STOCK LUMBER for her boys bathroom!  It is awesome!





  1. Yay for you sister! Her baby is adorable and you threw an AMAZING party!!!

  2. How very lovely!! Love all your details! How exciting to have a sweet addition to your family!
    I would love to feature this in a Soiree day! Just let me know!

  3. Planning a Baby Shower and found this on Pinterest!! Soooo happy about it!! Thanks for posting this!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. can i ask where you got your serving bowls for the parfait bar? thanks (:

    1. Those are my dishes and they are from Ballard Designs but I bought them about 8 or so years ago.


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