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Crap Buckets {for all the crap your kids leave out}

We have had a stair basket for as long as I can remember.  It is kinda thrashed, but it has been well used.  It sits on our stairs and gets filled with things that need to go up and get put away.  The problem with it is that no one ever wants to clean it out, including me!  So, it gets overflowing and stuff gets piled all over the stairs, and still no one wants to put it all away!

Well, I came across this fabulous idea for everyone to have a basket of their own!  Beth over at The Neat Get Neater shared her idea for Crap Baskets.  I decided this was a great idea for us!  Our upstairs only has the kids’ bedrooms, so the only things that need to go up there belong to them.  I couldn’t find baskets but I found these adorable buckets at IKEA for only $7.99 each!  I first tried some plastic buckets from the Dollar Tree which were more in my price range :) but they were too large. 

{ReMarkableHome.net} Crap Buckets for your kids' crap

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I used my Silhouette to make vinyl labels for each child’s bucket.  I like how they turned out, but my perfectionist self might redo the numbers in different colors.  I wanted to do all the numbers in white, but of course the white didn’t show up well on the cream bucket, and not all that great on the yellow either.  I will probably just live with these until some kid decides to pull them off and then I will redo them!

Now that they each have their own bucket they can all be responsible for putting away their own crap.  When my kids tidy up the main floor they can throw their brothers’ things into the appropriate bucket instead of all over the stairs.  What a great solution!  Thank you, Beth!  Now if I can just teach them to clean out their bucket when they walk up the stairs!



  1. I love this- I am making 1 crap can for my husband- kids are too small and the barney clean up song still works for them! thanks

    1. Ha ha! That makes me laugh! I know husbands can be messy, but in my house I'm the one who needs a crap bucket! lol

  2. I'm going to have to get some crap buckets! Love love love love the name and the idea!!

  3. I love this idea! I however laughed at your comment that the dollar store ones were too big. I don't think I could find buckets big ENOUGH for my 4 boys crap. They wouldn't fit on the stairs! HA HA!

  4. Ha ha Tylynn! My kids are slobs, too! I meant that the buckets were too big to sit on the stairs. One would sit ok but not four in a row because the one on the stair above would push the one below off. Anyway, I am still loving them! I tell them to clean them out as they are heading upstairs to get ready for bed. It is working pretty well so far!

  5. I love this idea and I LOVE how yours turned out! I am thinking I should do something similar for my kids and their crap - especially for when we move into the new house in a couple of months. Get the new routine down fast! Thanks for sharing!


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