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It's About LOVE

Here is a picture of me and my sisters.  This was my younger sister's wedding.  I'm the one with the hair pulled back tight.  I was pregnant with my second son.
I come from a family of 7 girls.  We are all married.  My parents have 24, soon to be 26, grandkids!  We are baby making machines in this family.  All of us but ONE. I have a sister named Amanda.  She is the sister just younger than I am, so #5 in the family.  Here she is:

Isn't she beautiful
She is also brilliant.  She is currently doing a POST-DOCTORAL research fellowship in neuroscience!  She is also incredibly kind and sensitive, funny and sweet, happy and optimistic.  She is also childless. (UPDATE: Amanda and Ryan adopted a beautiful daughter in April of 2012!  We are all enamored with her!  BUT, they would like to add to their family! Please visit their adoption blog: Choosing Adoption

Amanda and her husband Ryan were married back in 2003.

 They have been trying to have a baby for over 4 years now, with no luck.  They are suffering through the incredibly difficult trial of infertility.  The chance of them having a child on their own is very, very small.  And yet, my sweet and beautiful sister is not bitter or angry.  She is genuinely happy for her friends and family when they announce a pregnancy.  She attends their showers with a real smile on her face.  She has attended the births of multiple nieces and nephews with genuine excitement and joy.

Here she is holding my little miracle baby!

Here she is making funny faces at my sister's baby.

 She has amazing faith in the Lord.  She is submissive to His will for her.  Does she want a baby?  YES, with all her heart.  But she knows God loves her and has a plan for her life and she is accepting of that.

Amanda and Ryan are trying to adopt a baby.  They have been trying for a couple of years now.  That is what this post is all about.  I want to spread the word to the whole wide world that I have an amazing sister who will be an AMAZING mother!  She is soooo ready to welcome a child into her family with open arms.  She has so much to offer, so much to teach, and so much love to give.  You can find their adoption blog HERE

Here they are on one of their ADVENTURES!

PLEASE, if you know anyone who needs to place their baby for adoption, please refer them to Amanda and Ryan's profile.  I cannot imagine a better home for a child.  Our family cannot wait for Amanda and Ryan to become parents.  That will be a MOST GLORIOUS day!


  1. Your sister and her husband sound amazing and she is in our prayers. I hope she will have the joy of having a baby to love soon!

  2. What a beautiful post Emily!! Amanda is sweet and I pray her and Ryan have a baby of their own very soon!!

  3. Amazing... simply amazing. I don't care if you like frogs - your love of family and your faith in God make the frog thing go away ;) You have a big heart Emily :0) Good luck to your sister, I pray she receives the answer to her prayers very soon.

  4. my husband tried to have a baby via various fertility meds/procedures for 8 years. We were told (b/c of my husband's spinal cord injury0 that we'd never be chosen by an expectant Mom for domestic adoption, but we decided to try anyway. We researched MANY agencies and decided to work with Connections Adoption Agency in Maine. We are lucky enough to have been chosen relatively quickly and are matched with a Mom due to give birth in Oct. If you'd like to pass my email along to your sister, I'd be more than happy to chat with her about any of this. I know what an incredibly difficult journey this is. much love!

  5. Such beautiful sisters!! Sounds like Amanda would be an amazing mom. Makes me feel lucky to have my kids. Keep us posted!

  6. Loved meeting you last night & I love your site! :)

  7. Amanda sounds like such a lovely girl, and I am sure she will make an amazing mama some day!!

  8. Thanks Em, hopefully our birth parents will find us soon!

  9. I am an adoptive mother to a little precious girl from China. She is the light of our world and I understand what your sister is going through. Tell her to hang in there and to continue to pray. I will happen and I will pray for them!

  10. I have two different friends who were infertile for years. They both discovered a natural family planning method called "NaPro Technology." It is amazing how much the doctor could tell from the women's mucus and a few tests. They both got to the root cause (for one it was endometriosis), treated it and one has a 5 month old and the other has two biological children, a 2 year old and a newborn.

    If your sister has not checked into this, I pray that she will. Adoption is wonderful (my husband is adopted and I thank his mother and birthmother for this decision to love deeply), but there is nothing like the experience of having life within you and birthing a beautiful child.

    Check out www.naprotechnology.com/infertility.htm for more info.

  11. in case you wanted more info or to get in touch with one of those women who were previously infertile, you can email me at mgeerling at yahoo dot com. Both are from St. Louis.

    I just remembered my second cousin had that same experience. She adopted, then was able to have a baby by getting to the root cause through NaPro Technology.


  12. Hi there! My husband and I have adopted 3 children! That's after 8 years of infertility. Our first two kiddos we adopted through CPS. That was a long process. Our little guy was a private adoption and we were chosen in 2 weeks through an adoption facilitator. We know of another couple that had a placement rather quick through them as well. It was a completely smoothe process...although for us it was quick! On their website it says most couples wait 6 months, but honestly I think that's on the long end from our experience. Feel free to email me and I will be happy to give you our facilitators name. If we decide to adopt a fourth we will no doubt use them again. Best wishes! Melanie smelanie.patterson@gmail.com

  13. Please contact Casa de Esperanza de los ninos of Houston, TX. www.casahope.org. This charity was one of the 5 charities picked by The Today Show for the Lend A Hand Project. They are a fostering agency "HOWEVER" both of my children were adopted from Casa way before they received this awesome recognition. There are so many children out there that are in need of a good home NOW that there is NO need to wait. I was on a roller coaster of numerous miscarriages when I finally looked up and thought... maybe I'm supposed to adopt. I knew I was to be a mother but had NO idea that this was the way. I can tell you now that I would take 100 more miscarriages, if it meant me getting my adopted babies. It is funny but even writing the word adopted seems wierd because they are mine and I am theirs. Adoption is just something we did to make it legal. I know it must be hard waiting but really there is no need. Reach out now and look at the other possibilities. You would be amazed. I fostered both my children for 6 months and then adopted through Casa. These type of agencies are there for the children who need a good fostering outlet and also for the children who need adoptive homes. The foster parents are not paid for the care, so you now that when it comes to the care of these children... it is really just about caring and loving them. Wishing your sister and her husband all the best. Thinking out of the box sometimes really works. LOL that I fell upon your blog since I was just following up a pinterest site for organization! I have two kids, so I have to do something to get organized!! Wish I could post a pic of my two beautiful little buggers! Aiden and Maddox Julia! Warm Regards-

  14. Don't want to sound trite, but Jordan Rubin, Christian, author of THE MAKER'S DIET and others, tells the story of his wife's battle with infertility as well. She actually tried his 'diet'/food plan and was able to get pregnant. It might be something to consider. He follows 'the Maker' (God, Bible) as his eating plan b/c of his being cured from Chrons' (sp?) disease.


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