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I am giving one of my younger sisters a baby shower next Thursday evening.  She just had her fourth son!  I have been in her shoes.  We love all our babies, but when you already have a lot of one gender you really hope for the other gender.  So she was a little bummed to find out she was having another boy.  Of course, now that he is here she couldn’t love him more.  He is an adorable little guy!  She is currently under a lot of stress because she has a house in FLAGSTAFF that she needs to sell.  She has been living in Utah for over a year, luckily in her in-law’s home while they are in Australia serving a mission for our church.  But they will be home soon and she needs to get her family of 6 out and she just really needs to get her house in Flagstaff sold.  SO, if you know anyone looking to move to Flagstaff tell them to check out her charming home HERE.

Anyway, she is in need some some cheering up and some fun and I wanted to celebrate her new son’s life so I am throwing her a super fun baby shower next week.  I have been working on putting together all the little details.  Jen, DON’T READ THIS!  I want her to be surprised a little but I thought it would be fun to kindof share the details with you as I go, instead of just giving it to you in one fail swoop after the shower.

So, here is the invitation.  I ordered on Etsy and had it customized.  Isn’t it sooo cute?  The theme is a “Little Man” shower.  Colors are black, white, and light blue.  I am SUPER excited about it!

invite edited copy

Tomorrow I will show you the cupcake toppers I am making!


  1. That is so adorable! Love it!! Jenny is a lucky gal. :)

  2. So cute!! I adore the "Little Man" theme!!

  3. Can't wait to see how you bring it all together! I love the mustache idea!

  4. I'm so glad to read your blog. it is very informative

  5. This invite is sooo cute, what shop on Etsy did you purchase it from? I'm doing a similiar theme for my sister in law and noticed you forget to credit it.


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