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CHORES are such a CHORE {Organization}

My kids last day of school is today!!  We have not been having them do chores lately for a variety of reasons.   Mostly because I get so sick of the fighting about doing them!  But, now that summer is here I know there is NO way I can keep up with their messes.  They are going to HAVE to help out around the house.

So, I saw this idea to use mini mailboxes for a chore system.  I will find the link and post it for you when I post the completed project.  I am waiting on the mailboxes I ordered to arrive.  But, I am excited because I created these cute little postcards in Word.  Each postcard has a chore on it and on the “stamp” is the value they will get paid for completing that chore.  I will “mail” my kids their postcards each night after they are in bed, and when they complete their chores the next day they will “mail” them back to me.  I will then “mail” them an envelope with their money in it.

I am excited because I think they will think this is very fun and hopefully it will keep them motivated to comply with my wishesSmile Here are the postcards.  I have like 70 of them, including a few blank ones.  I am going to have them laminated, and then if there is a special job to be done I will use a wet erase marker to add it to one of the blank ones.  For the address part I put different names, like #1 son (I have all boys), awesome kid, sweetheart, etc.

chore postcards copy


  1. This is such a great idea!! Where did you end up finding the mail boxes? I can't wait to hear how this goes!

  2. That is SUCH a great idea!!! I think my kids would definitely go for this. Thanks for sharing, Emily!

  3. Very cute idea! You could also sometimes just write them a little love letter that has nothing to do with chores. Very fun!


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