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Making Family Home Evening Easier

Today I want to share with you a fabulous new blog created by my oldest sister, Laura Laurent.  Its called


Family Home Evening Lessons

and can be found at fhelessons.wordpress.com.

This is a blog she created so that she could continue to teach Family Home Evening lessons to her college aged kids who have left home.  Isn’t that so smart of her?  But she also shares lesson ideas for younger kids.  She recently did a great lesson on money management for younger kids and a separate one on money management for teens and college students.

Money Management for Kids

Penny in Piggy Bank Slot

When our kids are very small, I think we tend towards cuter and shorter lessons to just give them an introduction to gospel topics.  But as the become elementary aged and older, I think its definitely important that FHE lessons have more meat to them. We can’t rely on church to teach our children the gospel or our beliefs and values. 

A well planned FHE lesson every week is imperative in teaching our children.

I am so thankful for my sister’s blog because its really hard for me to find the time to plan a meaningful FHE lesson.  I have 4 kids at home still and my time is very limited.  She only has one at home still so she has a bit more time on her hands.  AND she is super smart and knowledgeable so I am happy I can just go to her blog and know I will find a great lesson for my family.

She also shares fun ideas for FHE treats like these


nutella banana bread bites from fhelessons.wordpress.com


I hope you will hop over and tell her hello.  She is just getting started with this blog and I know she would love to have you take part in what she is doing! 

To go over to


Tell her I sent you!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting about my new blog! You're so sweet! Makes me wish I had more posts done. Someday soon, I hope :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks! I always love having extra help to make FHE better.


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