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“Heart”y Valentine’s Day Breakfast {SUPER EASY}

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If you are like me you probably see a million adorable things on Pinterest for every holiday and have great intentions of doing them all, or at least 500,000 of them.  But then, suddenly, it’s the night before the holiday and you’ve done NONE of them! Life has gotten away from you once again, and you are overwhelmed and unprepared and disappointed you didn’t get to do the million cute things you wanted to for the holiday the next day.

Well, never fear.  Holidays aren’t really about doing a million cute things.  They are about celebrating the good things in your life!  You don’t have to make something extravagant that you saw on Pinterest to let your family know how much you love them.  Simple things can say “I Love You” just as effectively as elaborate ones.

So, here is a very easy and fun Valentine’s breakfast idea for you, just in case on the night of February 13th you realize you didn’t get to put together that extravagant plan you were hoping for.


Throw down a festive table cloth.  If you don’t have one that is ok, too.  Any red, white or pink will bring a festive feel.  Pick up some paper plates and napkins when you are at Wal-Mart or the Dollar store.  This will make it seem like you worked hard on this breakfast.

Here is the most awesome Valentine’s breakfast cereal ever!


Quaker Whole Hearts is essentially heart shaped Cheerios.  It isn’t super sugary so you won’t feel guilty about feeding it to your kids before school. And aren’t those hearts just so dang cute?


Put a little red food coloring in your milk jug and you will have pink milk for your cereal.

Then, since it IS a holiday, pick up some donut holes and print out this free printable to pop on top of the box!

(This printable is FREE!  I ask that you please share it on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter if you are going to download it. THANK YOU!!  To download, please click HERE)


Slice up some strawberries to go on the cereal and call it good! My kids LOVED this breakfast last year.  We all sat down together and gave each other our Valentine’s.  I made these dry erase frames for my family members, inspired by a printable from Kiki @ Kiki & Company.  If you love them, you can make one yourself or buy them from Kiki.  She is a fabulous graphic designer who sells high quality prints that she makes herself!


And that is how you throw together an easy and fun Valentine’s breakfast that will make your kids feel special and loved.  I hope this is helpful!

What other fast and easy Valentine’s breakfast ideas do you have?


  1. Yay! A cute and simple Vday breakfast I can actually pull off on a crazy school morning. Love it! Thanks, Emily!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love your profile picture, btw! lol too funny!


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