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Kids Form Letter {FREE DOWNLOAD}

My kids have a cousin who is serving as a missionary for our church for the next two years.  We want to support him by sending him letters and packages.  I also have a son who lives away from home while attending college.  I want my kids to write to him and keep in touch that way.  And of course we have two sets of grandparents and a great grandmother I would like my kids to correspond with.  We like to use Sundays as a day to write letters. 

But, my boys aren’t too good at sitting down and writing a letter to someone.  They have a hard time thinking up what to say.  So, today I decided to make a form letter with prompts to help get them started.  My ten year old just tried it out and really liked it.  I am excited to help my 3 and 6 year olds fill it out and to let my 9 year old use it as well. 

I think this will be a great tool to help my kids learn how to write letters!

If you want to download it you can do so HERE.

FREE Printable Kids Form Letter from ReMarkable-Home.blogspot.com


  1. Great idea! I think I'll use it for my Activity Day girls! I'm planning a missionary activity for them sometime in the near future. Thanks!

  2. Love this!! My boys have the same problem when I "make" them write letters to my sister on a mission. I'm totally using this! (Not to sound ungrateful - but it would be super cool if there were a couple different color/pattern options. :)

    1. I have a few others. I will try to get them on here for download.

  3. This is such a great idea and I have kids who could definitely benefit from this! I'm a mom of five too...it is for sure a FUN adventure! :-)


  4. This is exactly what I was looking at for my son! Thanks for the help. I put a link on my blog back here so that people know what form I used so I hope that you get a few more hits on your post!


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