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Garden Tea Party Shower {Repost}

One of my very first posts was this Garden Tea Party baby shower I threw for a friend.  Thought you might enjoy seeing it (again)!  Pardon the small photos! I was using blogger’s editor back then! 

Garden Tea Party Baby Shower

Here are some pictures from a baby shower I threw for one of my girlfriends who was having a girl!  It was fun to get to do girly things and use PINK!!!  The shower came together beautifully.  See the green tablecloth??  I got it at Goodwill for a few dollars!  The quilt you see on the food table was made from designer fabric samples I got from my design job.  I actually made (with help) 9 of them in all different colors and we used them at a picnic for the family and close friends on my wedding day.  I love to pull them out and use them for different things all these years later.
Banquet tables with chairs arranged casually around them

Pink Tulle anchors the centerpieces
{more after the break}

Wheat grass grown in square dishes (I think I started them about a week before the shower).  Ribbon wrapped around and secured with tape.  There is an upside down baby food jar holding up the tea cup.

Tissue paper pom poms create great ambience!  You can find the simple instructions all over the web.

More wheat grass planted in my favorite footed bowl.  Ignore the slide in the background and pretend I don't have kids:)

How nice of my rosebush to bloom just at the right time!
Limeade Punch

Iced Herbal Tea

Cucumber Water

Finger Foods: pesto cream stuffed tomatoes, asparagus wraps, bacon & cheddar pinwheels with avocado, cucmber tea sandwiches

Finger Desserts: Spritz cookies, key lime tarts, chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting.

Chocolate covered strawberries


  1. This is adorable!! Is it easy to grow wheat grass?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sara, yes it is easy. Just put in some potting soil, layer on some wheat, cover with 1/4" of soil, water. I like to keep it covered with some saran wrap until they sprout. Then remove it. Takes about a week, if I remember correctly.


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