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Pinteresting Tuesday: 9 Outdoor Garden Ideas

It is finally Spring (though its been snowing here in Utah!) and I am really getting the itch to do some yard work and plant some things.  I enjoy working in the yard on a beautiful Spring day.  And even more than that I enjoy sitting in a beautiful yard on a beautiful Spring day.

Since its been too cold to hang out in my yard lately, I thought it would be fun to round up some outdoor/yard/planting ideas today from my Pinterest Outdoor Style board.  This is where I pin gardening tips, as well as landscape design ideas and outdoor room ideas.  I hope these pins inspire you to do something amazing in your outdoor space this spring!

We have a major pest problem around here and I am thinking any vegetables I plant will be eaten in a big way but I saw this and thought maybe I could do this on the deck outside my kitchen! Hanging herb garden!

(more after the break)

Love this little idea for washing your feet after you’ve been outside barefoot!

I have always wanted to do this! Plant giant sunflowers in a circle, leaving a doorway so kids can have a little hideout in it!
Source: flickr.com viaEmily on Pinterest

I think this is cool.  There are strawberry plants in cinder blocks!
Source: Emily on Pinterest

Pallet garden!

I’ve been admiring this for awhile! Isn’t it pretty?

How pretty is this?  Reminds me of the Shire!
Source: Emily on Pinterest

Pretty pathway paved with wood slices!

Love these different plants in between pavers.  So pretty!


  1. So many pretty things! How'd you figure out how to embed your pins?

  2. I didn't. I wrote this before the change was made.

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