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Would you like to become an Orange Rhino with me??

I came across a pin on Pinterest recently that was linked to THIS blog post about what one mother learned when she stopped yelling at her children.  Actually, before I came across it my sister had told me about it.  I went to read the post and thought it was great.  I was intrigued by the blog.  It is called

The Orange Rhino Challenge. 

This mom realized she needed to stop yelling at her kids and challenged herself to go one whole year without yelling!  Sounds impossible, right? Well, she has now gone well over a year.  449 days, I believe.  She has recommitted to another full year as well.  I spent some time reading through her blog and finding out how she has accomplished the impossible.  And I found it she did it one day, or one moment, at a time.

I have five crazy, energetic, messy, strong-willed sons and I have to confess I am a yeller.  I always have been, even since childhood.  I am a loud person.  And I yell at my kids.  Way too much.  I have decided to become an Orange Rhino as well.  I want to stop yelling.  And I want the rest of my family to stop yelling as well.  I decided to take the Orange Rhino Challenge.  I printed off Orange Rhino signs and posted them all over my house.  I told my kids and husband what I am trying to do.  I have definitely improved and even had days where I haven’t yelled at all. 

But I haven’t been able to keep the challenge at the forefront of my mind all the time.  I need to find a way to stay focused on it.  I need to track my yell-free days.  I haven’t yet figured out how I want to do that.  But I know I want our home to be yell-free.  I want peace and love to abound.  I want my kids to learn to deal with problems and disagreements in a new way…without yelling.  So, we are working on it. 

I wanted to share this with you.  If you are a yeller I encourage you to take the challenge with me!  What more important thing could you do for your family than provide a peaceful, loving home?  Our children are so precious.  They don’t deserve to be yelled at. 

I do so many things to try to make my home a better place for my family.

But the real truth is that a home with a mom who doesn’t yell will be the most ReMarkable Home of all!


  1. I TOTALLY want to do it!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Love the idea! I'm totally off to check out the site and will definitely be starting this. I was just realizing the other day that my boys yell too quickly at each other, which was definitely learned from me and my husband.

  3. I'm so glad! It definitely becomes a bad habit. Our sweet boys deserve better. ANd we don't want them to grow up to yell at their kids or wife!

  4. Great challenge! I have been a "Yeller" my whole life as well - although I find that as I get older I yell less. I wish I had realized I needed to stop yelling about everything years and years ago and just let my kids be kids. Laundry CAN wait. Their growing up doesn't.


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