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Please Consider…

Dear Friends,

I feel strongly that pornography is detrimental to our society and particularly to our children.

It is something I worry about daily in regards to my five sons.  I have felt helpless and hopeless for several years that there would ever be anything I could do to decrease the chances of my children happening upon it (other than internet filters which don’t work well enough and which are not going to be installed on every internet device they ever use). 

I recently became aware that there is a White House petition {https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/require-porn-be-opt-feature-internet-service-providers-rather-standard-feature/GF1RkqpJ} available to sign in regards to internet pornography- the petition suggests that porn be an "opt in" feature with internet providers in which you would have to subscribe through your ISP to have any access to inappropriate pornographic sites. If this petition is successful it would help protect anyone (especially children) from happening upon inappropriate sites on accident. Before the internet, only adults were allowed to purchase and view pornography- let's help keep our kids safe. As Of now, the petition needs 95000 more votes in just two weeks!

Please help me by signing the petition. It only takes a minute. You do have to submit your email address, but unless you check the box you will not be sent any newsletters or solicitations. Please help take a step to protect our kids! It only takes a couple minutes to make an account. Please share and ask your friends to sign as well.

I would be most grateful! You can find the petition HERE:


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