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Homemade Pizza...Better than Takeout!

We are big homemade pizza fans.  I make it at least twice a month, in one form or another.  I made some for dinner last night so I thought I would post about it:)

Ok, here are the things you need to make really good pizza.
1. A pizza stone.  This is imperative.  You can buy them for pretty cheap, but those ones tend to break.  I just bought a large rectangular one for $35 on Amazon.  It is thicker than my other ones have been so I am hoping it will last.  HERE is the one I got.  It had good reviews.  Some people say you can also just get an unglazed terra cotta tile.  It would be cheap.
Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone

2.  A pizza peel.  This is also imperative.  This is how you put the pizza into the oven and take it out.  You need this because the stone has to be in the oven and super hot.  HERE is one you can get on Amazon.
Norpro Pizza Peel and Paddle

3. Parchment paper.  This is what you will use to roll the dough out onto.  Then you will use your peel to transfer the pizza and parchment to the stone.  It will keep your stone cleaner and eliminate the need for excess flour or cornmeal, which is what is normally used to keep the crust from sticking to the board.  You can buy it in rolls.  Just buy the cheapest stuff you can find.  I have also bought some large sheets that I cut in half to line my cookie sheets on....saves alot of cleanup!
PaperChef Culinary Parchment Paper, 15-Inch by 26-1/2-Inch
4.  My recipe! This is imperative if you want your pizza to be delicious...ha ha!  Just kidding.  You can use any recipe you like, but I will post mine here for you to try.

Recipe:  Homemade Pizza
From the Kitchen of:  Emily Nelson
Yield:  3-4 pizza crusts,depending on size

`2 Tbsp. instant yeast
`1 Tbsp. brown sugar
`2 c. warm water –not too hot or you will kill your yeast. It should be about 100°
`1.5 tsp. salt
`3 tbsp. olive oil
`5 c. flour

Pizza Toppings: (obviously use whatever you like on your pizza)
`marinara sauce (I use my homemade sauce or Prego Roasted Garlic and Parmesan) Just use a very thin layer...don't go overboard
`shredded mozzarella (again, use less than you think...it will spread out some when it melts)
`thinly sliced red onion strips
`thinly sliced baby sweet peppers (red, yellow, and orange)

To make crust:
In bowl of your electric mixer, combine water and yeast and sugar.  Add 1 cup of the flour.  Add salt and oil.  Add another cup of  flour.   With dough hook, allow mixer to mix this for about 5 minutes to build up the gluten.  Add the rest of the flour until the dough starts to clean the sides of the bowl.  Knead for about 8-10 minutes.  Form into 2 balls and put in plastic zipper bags sprayed inside with Pam.  Store in the fridge over night. (or use it that same day) 

To make pizza:
Preheat your oven and pizza stone for at least 1 hour at 500 degrees.  Let dough come to room temp before using.  Take about half of the dough balls, (1/4 of recipe) and roll it out on your parchment paper using a floured rolling pin.  You can also just press it out with your fingers.  Get it to desired thickness of crust, but not more than ¼” thick in center.  Brush edges with olive oil and sprinkle with seasonings such as garlic salt, if desired.  Add toppings.  Slide onto your pizza peel and transfer to pizza stone.  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is browned and bubbly. Remove from oven with pizza peel. 


  1. Ok-you've convinced me! I need a pizza peel! I've been told before, but now I believe. Thanks for posting the link for us lazies.

  2. Absolutely you do Carolyn! It really makes it sooo much easier and plus, it makes you feel like a professional pizza maker! ha ha. If only I could toss a crust I would really be feeling good!

  3. That looks really yummy! I want to try this one!

  4. So, you roll your dough directly onto the parchment paper? If so, how do you keep your parchment paper from sliding all over the place so that you can actually roll the dough out? When I try rolling my dough on the paper it's always sliding, so I have tried taping it down but that only holds for about 2-3 rolls. I've tried anchoring it by put things on the edges, but that hasn't worked either. Maybe my rolling technique is wrong.
    I never though about putting the paper in with the pizza - I've always tried to transfer it from the pizza to the stone. I think this will work much better.

  5. Amanda, It is a bit difficult. You just have to roll gently:) Sometimes I just kind stretch and shape the dough somewhat before I put it on the paper. Then I roll a little. I will also just push the dough out with my fingers or fists. You just gotta work with it. Pizza dough is quite elastic. So, if its giving you alot of trouble shrinking back, let it rest for a couple minutes and then continue.

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  7. thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial! I have never quite mastered homemade pizza (although I sure love eating it...), but I'll attempt your methods. Following now! -diane

  8. We are huge pizza eaters - especially in summer. But in summertime, our homemade pizza is all about the GRILL! Take your regular pizza dough and roll out. Get that grill nice and hot. Don't make your circle much bigger than 10-12 inches - otherwise too hard to flip. Grill one side to get the marks, then flip it and top the other side with your toppings. FANTASTIC! We do grill-your-own-pizza parties with drinks for the adults and s'mores afterward for the kiddos. C'mon, summer!


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