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I am feeling a little overwhelmed by this blogging stuff.  I''m not really overwhelmed by posting, but I think I am overwhelmed by trying to promote the blog.  So, then I am wondering why I am trying to promote it?  I guess the answer is because what is the point of writing a blog unless people are reading it?  Anyway, I am wondering what is your ONE best way to promote your blog that takes the least amount of time?  I know linking up to linky parties is good, but there are soooo many and it takes too much time.  I don't want this thing to take over my life! 

Anyway, just wondering what you all think.  Do you try to promote your blog?  Do you care if no one reads it?  Do you know any way to promote your blog that doesn't take tons of time?

BTW, I would be super appreciative if you would help me out by just sharing this blog with your friends who you think might like it.  Maybe do a facebook post about it or send an email to those you think might like it.  That would be super great!

K, have a good day!


  1. I feel your pain!! I have tried to get new followers for the last two months and it can take over your life. My suggestion is to post everyday and post some things for lots of different readers. I am not faithful to post daily and that may be why I'm having such a hard time. I do love to read your blog!!!! Thanks for sharing your true self.
    Blessings, Lori

  2. What is the main purpose of your blog? If it's to sell stuff, then I can see how you'd want lots of traffic. But if you originally intended it as just a hobby, then try not to stress about numbers--they will come. It looks like you already have quite a few followers, and a lot of people have a lot of blogs to keep up with so they don't always comment. Just have fun and don't think of it as a measure of your worth or popularity!

  3. I think you are already doing a great job! It'll just take a little time for people to find your blog, but they will. "Make it, they will come." (Totally from Field of Dreams...) I mean, your visitors have already doubled just in the past few weeks! Keep coming up with those genius ideas, we'll keep spreading the word, and in the meantime, just relax and have fun meeting all your new friends! (And how cool that two of my favorite people commented above me!)

  4. I think you're getting a good amoun of comments for being so new. I don't really do the pinky parties- they're kinda silly. I'm pretty low key on promoting, cause I don't sell anything, but commenting on other blogs is good to get your presence out there. I bet some of your furniture re-dos would be a great feature for the better after blog.

  5. Ha! That's the last time I try and comment from my ipod! Hi, glaring misspellings!

  6. First of all, you are doing incredible. You have 64 followers in like 2 weeks? That's awesome. And another way is try to get featured. Take a craft or project you have done and send it to a blogger that you love that has more of a following than you and ask them to feature it. Then you are posting to people who otherwise might not have read your blog. And all in one e-mail too, instead of all the linky parties. Just keep it up what you are doing. I totally understand though. I am stuck at 60. And that is like nothing! Just keep movin!

  7. I've never tried to promote a blog so I am not sure about the best ways to do it. But I was wondering since I want people to find my adoption blog when I have it up so I didn't a little searching on how google comes up with its listing (other than paid sites). I haven't done enough to know too much about it, (they do post their rules on their site), but I did see that you can give google your url.

  8. Obviously, I didn't read THIS post before commenting last night!! I think you're doing REALLY well - but I totally feel your pain! I'll share your blog from my FB page and list you on my "Blogs I Follow" :0)


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