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Mexican Cobb Salad Recipe

Does this not look soooo yummy?

I saw a recipe for a salad like this in some magazine, so I made up my own recipe for it.  I served it at a birthday party and it was a big hit with all the moms!  It is easy and healthy.

1. Cover large platter with chopped or torn romaine lettuce
2. Place in rows on top of Romaine:
               ` Avocado dipped in lemon and lime juice to prevent browning
               ` Cherry tomatoes, halved (or any tomatoes you like)
                `Grilled corn (remove husk, dip in water, grill on med heat for 7 min, turning every  min, cut off the cob)
                `Black beans (from can, rinsed and drained)
                `Grilled chicken breasts, sliced (before grilling, season chicken by sprinkling with Lawrys, fresh cracked pepper, taco seasoning, and Montreal’s chicken seasoning)
3. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and Cotija cheese
4.Serve with Homemade ranch made according to directions on packet plus 2 tsps. taco seasoning per 2 cups of dressing.  Or, for a healthier dressing, replace half the mayo with nonfat plain yogurt.
What types of recipes do you like to see on blogs???


  1. This looks incredible! I love salad recipes because I hardly ever make them because my husband doesn't eat them. :( I do a recipe a week on Sundays. Maybe I could feature one of yours?

  2. THAT'S IT. I am moving to Las Vegas. Your recipes are torture! I want to jump into the screen and have at it! And honestly, I love ANY kind of recipe. I am so stinking tired of everything I make. Keep 'em coming!

    And...what kind of camera do you have!?! If you have a Canon I can probably help you figure it out.

  3. I have seen several recipes for cobb salad around the blog world.... but none for a mexican cobb salad! I love the idea of corn, black beans, and avocados in this! I am your newest follower, from the blog hop!

    Check out my blog and follow back if you like!


  4. Wow, that looks fabulous! I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime, www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com


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