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Showing the REAL

So, I've been thinking alot about this little blog of mine.  I have been thinking to myself, "There are so many amazing blogs out there written by more talented ladies with better ideas.  Why would anyone want to read MY blog?".

Now, honestly, I did not start this blog in hopes of getting tons of followers.  My original idea was to just have a place to list the items I create for sale so that my friends and family could direct their friends and family to see them (and hopefully buy them).  But recently, I decided to post some of the things I have done, like parties and crafts, on Facebook for my friends to see.  Why?  Because mothering five boys is hard and not always fun!  Boys are not too good at noticing the things their mother does to make their home and lives special.  So, I guess I was looking for a little validation and praise for my hard work.  Thankfully my FB friends gave me just what I needed and it made me feel like all my efforts were worth it!

So, back to the blog....I decided that it would really be fun to put my ideas and creative endeavors out into blogland for all to see and enjoy.  I SO enjoy reading the blogs that I follow and getting inspired by others creative ideas.  It is one really enjoyable thing that I can do for myself each day.  So I decided maybe I did have something to offer people and decided to use this blog to showcase my own creative endeavors and hobbies.

Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I read blogs I start to feel really down on myself.  I wonder how these amazing women can seemingly "do it all" and do it all so well!  Sometimes I have to take a blog break because I start to feel like a failure or like I am not good enough.  I don't think we women should have to feel that way.  We all have different talents and strengths and weaknesses.  No one can "do it all."  People put their best face forward on blogs.  Many of the big time bloggers spend hours a day on their blogs because they are their source of income.  It is their job.  My job is being a stay at home mom to five boys.  I am lucky because I don't HAVE to work out of the home.  I'm not saying we are rolling in dough over here.  Money is actually VERY tight.  But we have chosen for me to not work outside the home.  I honestly don't know how working moms do it.  I think they are AMAZING!  I can't even keep up with my house and meet my kids needs when I am here all day every day.

Anyway, so, in thinking of how I could make my blog a little different I decided I am going to try to keep it very real.  I am going to try to be very honest with my posts and projects.  I am going to try to show you when things don't work out quite right....and that happens ALOT around here!  I am also going to give you a glimpse into what real life is like when raising five boys.  In other words, I am going to try to keep it real.  I will show you parties that are NOT over the top and perfect, yet the kids still have a great time.  I will probably spare you seeing pictures of the ring of pee around my toilets or the HUGE pile of dirt I sweep up off my kitchen floors.

SO, for my first case in point....
While other mothers got up early on St. Patrick's Day to make their sweet children an amazing green breakfast of green pancakes shaped like clovers, cups of rainbow fruit salad, traditional Irish scones, green eggs and milk, all served on a beautifully decorated tablescape, I served my kids this:

Don't worry, I dyed a gallon of milk green to go with it!

And guess what!  They absolutely LOVED it!


  1. Emily, this post is fabulous! I also love looking at creative blogs but feel the same down feeling after awhile. I completely appreciate your "real" approach to this blog. I have enjoyed ever post you have done so far and look forward to many more. I also can't wait for you to post your meatball and marinara recipe. That was such a great idea and I want to copy. Keep up the good work on this blog and at being an amazing mom to 5 boys.

    Nichole Yoakum

  2. Love it!! We need more "real" blogs around here. I feel the same way sometimes....getting overwhelmed at how many projects other people seem to get done. It's OK to have a few weeks/months with nothing crafty to show for it!

  3. Amen sister! I feel like I'm dating the internet sometimes because everyone's blogs are their "best face forward", you know? And then I feel like I have to do the same. So good for you!

  4. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel! I have 3 kids, I homeschool AND I'm the Young Women's President at church...I don't know how they do it either. I'm lucky if I can get something done during nap time. I love your idea of a "real" blog. I love your blog! Don't get down on yourself, because the truth is that we come to YOUR blog and are like, "Oh my gosh, she is AMAAAZING!!!" Yours is so cute, and organized, and you are so stinking awesome! I'm excited to follow it and become great blog friends! I think that's my favorite part of blogging, all the incredible new friends we get to make! (Especially those of us who ARE stay at home mom's and don't get out all that much. *wink wink*) And I'm SOOOO looking forward to your recipe! And how did you get the grass in that centerpiece? Those are ADORABLE. I'd love to make one for our kitchen table! Ok...I'll shut up now. ;)

  5. Nichole, so fun to have you here! We all boy moms have to stick together! We seriously should start a club and meet every other month at a restaurant or something!

    Melissa, you do amazing things and I know you are very creative and talented!

    Carolyn, I know you are super talented as well. How are those cute twins?

    Natalie, Thank you! The grass is just wheat grass. put some potting soil in your bowl or whatever. then crakc open one of those buckets of wheat you don't know what to do with...ha ha! cover the surface of the dirt about 50% with wheat. sprinkle a little more dirt on top. water very carefully. get your dirt wet before you put the wheat on. then you can cover it loosely with some plastic wrap and place in a sunny place. once it sprouts uncover it. just be sure it does not dry out while you are waiting for it to sprout. keep it moist but not soaked. I think it took about a week or so to get to that height. let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Oh girl I totally feel you on this blogging thing. But I think every blogger no matter how "big" their blog is thinks that about someone else, if that makes sense. I like had an attitude with one big blogger, and she didn't do anything to me, I just thought she would because she was so beautiful and successful..like I was in highschool again. SO I made myself reach out to her, to comment on her blog, turns out she isn't like that at all!
    And you are my hero for raising 5 boys and serving them Lucky Charms..my kinda mom! I have one boy and I feel crazy sometimes! Hats off to you, I love keeping it real and not being perfect..perfect is boring! So glad I popped over from your comment on my blog! I am your newest REAL follower!

  7. I love the Lucky Charms! That is exactly what my mom always gave us on St. Pat's day and I did the same for my daughter. I even sent her a box of it to college. :)

    I'm your newest follower and have enjoyed looking through your blog!

  8. Ashley and Carolyn, WELCOME! Thanks for your comments!

  9. Really?? It didn't even occur to me to make something special for St Patty's day breakfast until I read it here. But we did all climb into the green car for our AM commute so its okay, right? I love this post, I often feel the same as you do, down because I cannot handle work plus home plus kids plus a fantastic blog.....

  10. You. Are. Awesome.!!!!!! I found your blog while blog "surfing" this morning. I love this post because I believe you stold it right outta my head! LOL! I'm your newest follower!


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