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Drip Towers- Beach Fun

I am at the beach with my family right now enjoying our spring break.  We spent the afternoon together on the beach.  It was an absolutely perfect day!  Not too hot, not too cold, tide was out, kids all had fun, just a really perfect afternoon!

One of my favorite things to do when we are at the beach is to build drip towers.  To me, it is super relaxing and also fun.  It is sort of like doing an abstract sculpture or something.  I love that you never know just how it will turn out.  I love trying to make them super tall and seeing how high I can get them before they fall over.  I taught my middle boys how to do it this time.  They thought it was super fun too.  If you have never made drip towers, you need to!  Get down in the sand with your kids and have fun creating!

They are super easy.  Here’s how:


Get a nice bucket full of water and then add sand so the sand is about halfway up. 


Reach down into the sand and grab a small handful.  Quickly lift your hand out and over where you want to make your tower and let the sand drip out through you fingers.


Repeat, repeat, repeat…..until you have a tower!


Here are some we made.  Aren’t they fun?



This one is circular, like a volcano.



Great way to top off your sand castles!

I hope you get the chance to get to the beach and make some drip towers very soon!


  1. I had forgotten all about doing this! So much fun--lucky you.

  2. Very cool! The one also looked like it had a face on it. Your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime.

  3. how fun!! great time with the kids to make those awesome drip towers! great photos too!

    I'm following you from homemakeronadime Creative Bloggers' and Hop!

    Susan @ http://tea-diary.blogspot.com

  4. I LOVE drip towers! They are the best. Great post.

  5. Every year in our clan, a kid will celebrate his/her birthday in the beach and this is the kids' favorite activity. They've built tons of sandcastles that we've taken pictures of. Thanks for sharing this :)


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