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Need Your Input

I have been going gung-ho on this blog since I started it.  I have posted my own material pretty much every weekday.  I had a lot of past projects and parties I was able to blog about.  I actually still have more past things I could blog about, although the pictures are going to be more difficult to access as they are not digital.

But honestly I am not sure I can continue to blog every day about something I personally created, as much as I would like to!  I am thinking this blog needs a little more organization.  I still want to blog every day, but I am thinking it would be fun to feature some projects of other bloggers.

Anyway, I am asking for your input.  What kinds of posts do you enjoy?  Linky parties?  Posts featuring one blogger?  Posts featuring a collection of ideas on a specific topic?  Posts featuring Etsy shops?

I would love some input from you, my readers.  Let me know what you would like to see.


  1. I really like when blogs do themed features. When they showcase multiple projects from different bloggers with the same theme. It is great because as a reader I get to see lots of different new blogs. I also get inspiration from the different vantage points by seeing it all in one place.

    I also like guest tutorials.

    But I LOVE your posts too!

  2. Sometimes I crank out a couple posts and schedule them to post on different days so then I don't have to worry about it.

    I like what you're doing so far, though!

  3. Maybe it could help to have guest posters every once in a while, give you a break and some one else an opportunity to meet your readers. But ultimately it is your blog and will reflect you! So write about what you want to, girl! You're doing great!

  4. I subscribed previously to a blog that just got "too big" and became (literally) a blog blogging about other blogs! And that gets confusing, and isn't as much fun to me. You lose that sense of closeness with the blogger it stops feeling like a friendship, and more like a business relationship. I like what Lotte Lu suggested - themed blogs that also have other posts on the same theme. For instance - your folder idea - what are some OTHER ideas people use for their organization for each family member? Or pantry organization - maybe everyone can contribute pictures and ideas of their own. THemes are good - and will probably make your life a little easier. We could travel from room to room in the virtual home...craft rooms could feature some fun craft ideas (like the front door chalkboard), kitchen coulfd feature everyone's favorite chicken recipe, pantry ideas, or just have pictures of their kitchens! Wow, this is quite a ramble of a post! I'm getting a bit carried away...

  5. I love all your posts so far! I don't know how on earth people do a post every day! I would personally love some interior design tips...or party throwing tips...you're so good at those!

  6. I love love love your blog! I agree with Kerry. I fell in love with certain blogs and then soon after they begin, the blog has nothing to do with the author anymore. I love learning ideas from you. Don't feel like you have to post every day! Anything you are willing to share with us, we would love. You are awesome!


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