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CHILI {Recipe}


I had a big craving for chili the other day so I made my standby recipe which my husband and I just love.  Unfortunately, my kids don’t care for Chili so he and I have been eating it for days, and needless to say my house has not been smelling like roses!!  Smile  Sorry, TMI, I know!

But seriously, this is a really easy and delicious recipe.  I love how much protein you get by eating a bowl of Chili!  Enjoy!

Recipe: Chili

Yield: one big pot


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 can pinto beans
  • 1 can great northern beans
  • 1 can red beans
  • 1 can kidney beans
  • (You can substitute other types of beans. I like black beans and Cannellini beans)
  • 28 oz. can tomato sauce
  • one chopped onion (onion chopping tutorial)
  • 1 packet chili seasoning (I like to use the reduced sodium ones and not too spicy because I have kids…who won’t eat my chili!)
  • toppings

Directions: Brown the ground beef in bottom of pot. Drain fat, if necessary. Add onion and cook until tender. Add the chili seasonings and beans. I like to drain off just the top of the bean liquid. Add the tomato sauce. Stir well and heat until hot. Simmer for a little while to meld the flavors all together. Serve with Fritos, sour cream, cheese, green onions, avocado, corn bread, or whatever you want! 

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