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The other day I was at Sam’s club doing my shopping when I saw a jar of Almond Butter. I decided to pick up a jar to take home to my honey to let him know I love him.  He often brings me flowers or some other little thing to let me know he loves me and was thinking of me.  I think you can buy flowers for men, too.  Who doesn’t like flowers?  But they probably don’t like them AS MUCH as they like food!  So, I picked up this jar and took it home and wrapped some paper around it and made a little tag for it.  I think it made him feel happy to know I was thinking about him.



  1. Awwww, how sweet! I've heard that stuff is really good!

  2. How thoughtful! Mark (my husband, not yours) was just saying that I never buy him flowers. Hahaha!


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