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Norwex Party

Have you heard of Norwex?  It is a company that makes cleaning cloths and products that are antibacterial so you don’t have to use cleaners with them.  They are amazing!  I am loving using them and am feeling good about not adding excess chemicals to my home and the environment.  The mop is awesome and easy to use and you don’t use dirty water to mop your floor.  I have been using it A LOT more often than I have ever used my regular mop.

I love the antibacterial microfiber cloth.  You can clean your whole bathroom with it.  You don’t have to use bathroom cleaner.  It kills the germs.  I also love it for my granite countertops.  Did you know you aren’t supposed to use cleaners on granite?  It destroys it.  If your granite is no longer shiny or is etched it is because of cleaners.  I love the antibac cloths because they kill the germs without cleaners!

They also have a window cloth.  You first use the antibac cloth to wipe your windows or glass.  Then you shine it with your window cloth.  My glass has never been so clean and streak free!  And it stays cleaner longer because it doesn’t have that film of Windex on it attracting dirt.

They have a lot of other products too that I want to try.  Like they have face cloths.  You don’t have to use soap.  They get all the gunk off your face.  The gal who sells this stuff has teenagers and they are all using these to clean their faces now!

This lady also told me that she started using these products last November and no one in her family of 7 got sick over the winter!  Maybe that is coincidence, but she said that  has never happened before. 

ANYWAY, I am having a Norwex party on Wednesday night.  If you are interested in ordering let me know.  The shipping is $5.  I can get you prices.  Go to www.Norwexrocks.blogspot.com to see some videos of how these things work and kill bacteria.  There is also www.norwex.com .  I am pretty sure anyone can order but definitely those of you in Vegas.  Also, let me know if you want to come to my party!  If I know you personally you are more than welcome!  I am making chocolate fondue, I think!

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