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Well, after I finished the teacher appreciation gifts I decided to work on embellishing this straw hat.


One of my sisters was recently diagnosed with carcinoma skin cancer on her scalp.  She had to have a piece of her scalp removed to get the cancer.  The wound is healing nicely but the doctor has told her she has other pre-cancerous spots on her scalp.  She now has to wear a hat anytime she goes outside.  So, I wanted to find a hat for her to show her my love and support.  I picked this one up and thought I could embellish it and make it cuter for her.

I used THIS tutorial for fabric rosettes over on NatSprat.  It was pretty easy, but I think hers are cuter than mine!  I didn’t have any cute buttons, so I used some beads for the flower centers.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I gave it to my sister today and she seemed to like it.  Hopefully she will feel kinda fun and flirty when she wears it!



Now I need to find a hat that will fit my own big head so I can protect myself from the sun as much as possible!!!


  1. Cute - We're so lucky to have you as our sister!

  2. SUPER CUTE!!! I wish I looked good in hats!

  3. Turned out great! Your flowers look fabulous to me!

  4. Oh my goodness! How cute is that! I would have never thought to do that! You are too sweet! I'll keep your sister in my prayers!


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