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Teacher Appreciation Gifts {Craft}

I went to bed last night hoping to have a productive day today.  I woke up this morning feeling tired, achy from Boot Camp, and overwhelmed as my mind started swimming with a long list of things I need to accomplish.  So, I decided to get some of them written down before I tried to start tackling some things.


Notice I left off all the housework I need to do!  I probably have a whole other board full of things, but I figured this was a good start for today.

My sink was full of dishes from the night before so after I got my older kids off to school I tackled that mess.  Once I got that done, I moved on to doing a little crafting.  But then I saw that my craft space looked like this:


So, I decided to take time to “sharpen the saw” and straightened up my craft space.  I am a very messy creator…ask my husband.  He just LOVES it when I am in the middle of a project and it looks like a whirlwind has gone through the place.  Luckily for me he makes a great assistant and often cleans up behind me!  LOVE that man!

Well, the first thing I needed to get done was the teacher appreciation gifts for my kids to give to their teachers.  I found this darling subway art printable HERE.  I picked up some frames at WalMart and decided this was the way to go for teacher appreciation gifts…cute, simple, and easy!  Go download it now to save for next year or even an and of the year gift!


I had to make three because one of my sons has a permanent sub while his teacher is on bed rest.

I wrapped them up cute and made these tags with a space for my boys to write a nice note of appreciation to their teachers.  Thank heaven for my Silhouette!


Once I got this completed I actually did clean up my mess!  Good for me!  Then it was on to the next project, amidst caring for my two little ones, of course!  Stay tuned….


  1. SOOOOO cute, Emily! What a good idea!

  2. i really like how they look in the black frames. and the way you wrapped them all up is too cute.


  3. I think that's one teacher appreciation gift they'll actually love! And I am always making a HUGE mess with my crafts. My current mess is driving even me crazy!

  4. This is a great one! I wish I had seen this in time to get my own together.

  5. Emily - You're a life saver! I was trying to come up with an inexpensive, super cute, easy Teacher Appreciation gift to do with the items I had on hand. I thought it impossible, until I saw your Facebook post! Thank you, Thank you!


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