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So, I came across this recipe for apricot hand pies.  I love hand pies and wanted to try these because I needed to use up 20 pounds of fruit they look amazing.  So, I prepared the filling like so:

Wash the fruit and remove the pits:


Cut each half into quarters and place in bowl:


Add lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon.  Then stir it up and place in refrigerator:


That part all went fine.  Then I made the pastry which is a very delicate pastry made with butter.  Here is what I did:

Place dry ingredients in food processor.


Cut cold butter into cubes and add it to flour mixture, processing about 10 second until it resembles coarse meal.


With processor running add ice water until dough comes together:


I thought my pastry looked great but when I went to roll it out and make the pies it did not work so well.  I discovered the recipe I used had several flaws (no cooking temp, double the yield the dough actually produced, no amount of flour to be added to fruit, too thick of specification for rolling the dough).  I followed the recipe and made up my own parts for the things that were missing or obviously wrong.  I was pretty bummed when my hand pies looked like this because the dough was far too crumbly and delicate:


I tried doing some non-folded over double pies but they still didn’t look too great:IMG_5729

I brushed them with cream and sprinkled them with raw sugar.  I baked them at 375 till they were golden brown.  They actually tasted pretty good.  My husband suggested putting some of the extra filling into some crescent rolls.  So, I tried that but my rolls were old and falling apart and this is how crappy THEY looked:


No one liked the crescent roll ones.  The crust on the pastry ones was very buttery…tasted like a not sweet shortbread cookie.  Which made me think that a shortbread cookie hand pie would be SUPER yummy because there is quite a bit of tartness to the fruit filling when you are suing fresh fruit.

Here are the baked pies:



SO, it majorly bums me out when recipes don’t turn out right.  I will never use a delicate crust like this for hand pies again.  I think I might have to try a sweetened pie crust or a cookie type crust next time…if I ever get up the courage to try again, that is!


  1. I just hate it when my baking projects fail! Which they do. A lot. Pastry doughs are so tricky. Let us know if you figure out a better recipe! I'll bet yours still tasted delicious.

  2. Well at least they tasted good! I've had some fails too, don't worr about it! I made some hand pies last summer with peaches and used store bought pie dough and they turned out great! Shortbread or a cookie like dough sounds yummy though!


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