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I {heart} JARS

My best friend growing up lived across the street.  We spent countless hours at each others homes over the years.  We would go keep each other company when one of us had to clean our room.  Both of us often wish we could have company while cleaning to this day.  Too bad she lives across town from me now! 

For some reason, her family didn’t have a lot of cups.  They used jars to drink out of.  It seemed really weird to me at the time.  But now, I understand why.  I had a few jars in the cupboard from homemade jams and other things….they just collected.  I started drinking out of them because they just seemed easier and less breakable than a glass.  I have decided I love jars and I love drinking out of them!  They are cute and nostalgic and cheap and useful and I just like them.  So, I asked my husband what he thought about me getting rid of our glasses and using jars for glasses instead.  He gave me his usual “Great!” response.  So, I decided to go for it!

SO, here is my cup cupboard BEFORE:


And here it is AFTER:


I still haven’t had the guts to take out those glasses even though we NEVER use them except maybe if we have company over.  I would like to get rid of the plastic cups too, but we use them in the car and stuff.  I am going to drill holes in some jar seals to use for “sippy cup” lids with straws. 

Jars are just really fun to use as cups, not to mention baking in!


  1. I love jars too! So what's crazy is I'm trying to go through the same transformation as you... as I'm packing to move to Vegas, I have thought so many times, if I'm brave enough to just donate my cups and pack the jars! I would love to just use jars too!!! So funny. And I loved your post on baking in the small jars. Very cute.

  2. I love drinking out of jars at Lucille's!

  3. I love this idea! Where do you get all your jars?

  4. We switched over to jars a couple of years ago when my little one took a jelly jar to get something to drink....so much more durable which is perfect for kids changing over from plastic to glass. The widemouth ball jars are my favorite!


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