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FLOUR FROSTING {Recipe Review}

Well, today I decided to spend some time with my 4 year old making some cupcakes in a jar.  We made these from a white cake mix.  We simply made the mix according to package directions, divided the batter into 3 equal parts, tinted one red and one blue, and layered the colors into jars sprayed with cooking spray.  I used a cookie scoop to put the batter into the jars, but had to use a baby spoon to spread out the white and red batter.  It would probably work better to put the batter in pastry bags or Ziploc bags with the corner cut off and pipe it into the jars in even layers.  We baked them on a cookie sheet for 25 minutes or until they sprung back a little when gently pushed in the center.

NOTE: I used 1 cup wide mouth jars.  I think I am in love with these jars and will be making more things in them.  They are just soooo cute!

Here they are before they were baked:



Here they are after:


I left them on the counter to cool and this is what happened, compliments of my two year old:


Here is how he got up there:


He is a stinker.  Good thing he is super cute:


Well, I went looking for a recipe for some new kind of frosting so I could try out something new. I came across a recipe that uses flour several times and everyone was raving about it.  I read many different versions, but decided to use the one I found HERE on The Girl Who Ate Everything.  I think she got it from The Pioneer Woman.


I had my doubts that it could REALLY be as good as everyone claimed.  But I decided to put the recipe to the test.

Here are my notes on making it:

1.  Add the flour to COLD milk in a COLD pan and make sure it is fully whisked together before turning on the heat-this helps avoid clumps.

2.  When you cook the milk and flour together it will get REALLY thick…like the skin on a pudding thick.  That is ok.  Just don’t burn it.

3. Beat the butter and sugar together for a LONG time, like 5 minutes.  Be sure to scrape down the bowl several times.  If you don’t mix it long enough, you will have grainy sugar in your frosting.

4. It doesn’t take as long to cool the flour mixture down as you think.  Stick it in the freezer while you beat the butter and sugar and it will be done when you are ready for it.

5.  Beat the flour mixture with the butter mixture for another 5 minutes.  It won’t ruin it.  You can’t overbeat it, I don’t think.  It just makes it silkier.


Well, I have to admit this is a really good buttercream.  I am not a fan of most buttercream frostings….too sweet for me.  But this one is not as sweet as most.  It has a very smooth and silky texture and is a little lighter in feel than a traditional buttercream.  I think it would lend itself well to some fruity flavors, like lemon or a raspberry puree.  I read that a lot of people have problems getting it to turn out.  I had no problems.  It was pretty easy.  I think the key is just to beat everything really well.  I will say it has quite a buttery flavor.  I think it might be better if it had 1/2 c. more sugar. But then maybe all the sugar would not dissolve.  But it was ALMOST too buttery  I wonder how it would taste on chocolate cake.  Probably pretty good.

I prefer cream cheese frosting, but you can’t ALWAYS use it so this is a good substitute.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

CAUTION:  This frosting MIGHT make your kid look like this: 



  1. Oh my goodness! Glad I'm not the only one with a boy that gets into everything!! These are fantastic! I've never heard of flour frosting....putting it on the list to try!

  2. Those jar cakes turned out just gorgeous, especially with that frosting on top! I love that the colors actually stayed separated even after baking. I've never heard of flour frosting either, but it sounds yummy! And your little boy is absolutely adorable :)


  3. Love the commentary!! Too funny with the picture of the stool! I've never heard of flour frosting either and was reading your post thinking I would try it till I got to the too buttery part. I definitely like mine sweeter! Love the cupcakes in a jar, though! I've been seeing them everywhere and dying to try them but those jars are just so expensive around here! Great job!

  4. Those turned out almost too pretty to eat! We have similar stools, and the look the same way after eating something crumbly!

    ~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

  5. Hahaha! I am laughing out loud at that picture of S!

  6. This looks so yummy! I'm have a recipe only link party "Cast Party Wednesday" and this would be perfect. Would you come over and share some of your recipes with us?
    I hope to see you there!

  7. These look adorable and delicious! I just had brownie whoopie pies at a picnic on Sunday that were filled with a flour frosting--so good :-) I love the idea of baking in the jars, can you share where you bought them? Thanks!

  8. Emily these are absolutely DARLING!!! I must make them!! ;) I will be following you now...and LOVE your turquoise blog!

  9. L O V E these AND your blog! You are one of my new favorites!!!

  10. Those are about the coolest things ever! I would have never even thought to do something like that! So fun!

  11. Here from Tatertots and Jello! I loive this, I have 2 boys too so I know how things can get 'gotten into' lol ;-)
    Thanks for sharing

  12. I love your cupcakes in a jar. They are beautiful!! The icing looks very interesting, and I think I will be trying it later tonight on some 4th of July Cupcakes! I found your site at the Weekend Wrap up Party at Tatertots and Jello. I noticed you live in Las Vegas~me too! Thanks for a great post!

  13. WOW!!! Baking them in jars is pure genius! I love it! Just popping in from TT&J :)

  14. Love that you baked this in the little mason jars! So colorful and festive! I would LOVE it if you shared this post at our Month Long Cupcake Party!


    Happy weekend!

  15. I love this recipe! The jars are so cute! I would love it if you could add this to my Melt in Your Mouth Monday Blog Hop. I usually post it on Sunday evenings.


    Have a great 4th of July!

  16. This is a great idea! I have never heard of that kind of frosting, and never baked cupcakes in jars - so cute! I think I am going to try it this weekend! I am your newest follower. Thanks for the inspiration!



  17. Love this variation on the cake in a jar!

  18. Love this variation on the cake in a jar!

  19. SO cute! They look so yummy. This is something I will have to try.
    I featured these little cupcakes on my blog, come on over and grab a button :)

  20. Oh my!!! That carnage looks like something that would happen at our house with my 17-month old! :) I was going to make a jello dessert for July 4th, but I think I'm going to do this instead....it's TOO cute!!! :)

  21. I love these! I'm having a Red, White and Blue Linky Party today and I'd love for you to come join in on the fun!

  22. I could do some major damage to those cupcakes...mmmm! I linked to you as one of my 4th of July Tutorial Favorites.

  23. They look super cute and sound quite yummy! Do you mind me asking where you got the tiered stand thats in one of the pictures?

  24. Oh my!! Great idea! Totally saving this idea for the future!

  25. So cute! Thanks for sharing the frosting tips! I agree that it has an intense butter flavor.

    Also, I'd love to know where you found your jars. Would you mind sharing?

    1. Sarah, I'm pretty sure I got those at Ace Hardware of all places! They have a nice variety of jars. I like those ones!


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