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I have a candle chandelier in my kitchen.  I love it.  I think it brings a lot of character to the space.  We recently took it down to put up streamers for a party we were having.  Having it down for awhile made me realize how much it closes in the room.  I feel like my downstairs is so dark.  I am always trying to lighten it up.  I used to feel like it was light enough, but then I think our trees got big and now we get too much shade.  I am a person who needs sunlight…I think I am addicted to it actually.  So, I really dislike when any part of my house feels dark.

Anyway, I love my chandelier but I didn’t want to put it back up and make the room feel darker again.  I left it down for a long time.  But I finally decided to paint it and see how it would feel.

Here it is before.  I LOVED the rusty finish on it.  But it just wasn’t working in my house anymore. (The ribbon was part of a party decoration for my son’s milk and cookies party)


So, I hung it up from the swing set out back and started spray painting away.  I used a white color.  I finished it, brought it in and hung it up and didn’t love it.  It was just sooooo WHITE!

So, I took it down and glazed it.  It looks a little better now and I am getting used to it.  I may have to take it out back and spray it with some off-white paint.  We shall see.

Here it is now.


Don’t mind my messy table.  Ignore that I STILL haven’t painted those mirrors and hung them up.


Here you can see the glaze a bit.


What do you think?


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  1. Looks great! I love all the pops of orange and turquoise in your dining room. :)


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