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I posted a little while ago about using jars for cups in my home.  I am loving it!  I found an easy way to turn a jar into a sippy cup for my littlest one.  It is SUPER easy to do!


One of my readers recently suggested I buy a Cropodile tool to use to punch the holes when making my file folder organizers.  I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I used a 40% off coupon and picked one up at Michael’s last week.  Well, I was thrilled to read it would punch through thin metal! 

I used the Cropodile 3/16” punch to punch holes in jar seals.  It happens to be the PERFECT size for regular drinking straws to fit in super snuggly so that the liquid doesn’t leak out if tipped for a bit!  Aren’t those the cutest seals, too?

Some people might be thinking, “What?  A GLASS cup for a kid??”  My son is 2 and is past the stage of throwing his cups on the floor purposely.  He uses these up at the table.  If they do happen to drop, the glass is very sturdy and on my laminate floors they rarely break.  I love the idea of reducing plastics that come in contact with my kids food.  I also learned from my son’s old speech therapist that drinking through a straw helps little ones develop the mouth muscles necessary for speech.

So, needless to say, I am very happy about my new sippies.  Wish I could get rid of the plastic ones altogether, but we still need them for bedtime (water) and in the car. 



  1. Cute idea! Where did you find that size mason jar?

  2. where did you find those festive lids?? I would love to have some cute ones besides the normal plain silver color that came with my jars

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  4. Help please, love this idea but my crop-a-dilesLargest hole, 3/18, isn't nearly big enough for a straw. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Julie, it is big enough for the cheap bendy straws you can buy at the grocery or dollar store. it is a very tight fit. if you cut the straw at an angle it helps you be able to put it in. The hole wont acomodate those cute paper straws.


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