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I have toile drapes on my sliding glass door.  I made them from tablecloths!  I did this years ago.  My mom helped me put some little pinch pleats in them, and they hang from drapery pins on metal drapery rings.  I have loved them!  I think I had to hem them, but then I washed them and they shrunk so I took out the hems and they are just perfect.

Anyway, tablecloths are such an easy way to make drapes.  You don’t even need to put pinch pleats in.  You can simply hang them with clip on drapery rings.  You can buy tablecloths for all seasons and holidays and change out your drapes.

A couple years ago I found some Halloween tablecloths that I loved at HomeGoods.  I picked up some really cool clip rings at Hobby Lobby with a coupon, and suddenly I had new drapes for October!


The rings weren’t super strong and the drapes would come out a lot, so I tied some string around them to hold them closed and attached these spiders to the string.  I got that cute orange ribbon and tied a bow on each ring.


I love how they look.  They make me happy!  When the holiday is over, I just take them off the rod, rings still attached and put them in a box to wait for next year.  While they are up I get my other drapes washed. 

I am hoping to come across some Christmas ones sometime soon!



  1. That's really a great idea. I love the holiday theme of these.

  2. Those are sooooo cute Emily! I am going to go out and look for some cheap table cloths!

  3. Those are SO awesome!!! What a great idea!

  4. Oh my gosh! I am so excited about this idea! You don't even know. You are so creative!


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