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I am so excited to show you my new wall calendar!  Remember a long time ago I did a post called “Command Central”?  I had put up this cute magnet board in my kitchen to help keep us organized.  It worked well for a couple years, but then it just started looking junky all the time.  This is on a wall that is a straight shot in from the front door.  I was tired of having this junked up board be the first thing people saw when they came to my door.  I also have soooo many things going on now that I needed more space on my calendar to write things.

My inspiration for this came from one of my bestest friends in the whole world.  She starting making GIANT magnetic wall calendars a few years ago.  She has a huge one in her house and I just LOVE it.  Here it is:

shelli's calendar

Isn’t it so cute and bright and fresh looking?  It doesn’t hurt that she has the MOST perfect handwriting in the entire world!  You can see hers is quite a bit bigger than mine.  Each of her squares is about the size of a piece of paper! The numbers are magnetic.  I just love how graphic hers is!

shelli's calendar

Shelli sells these calendars and can make any size you want.  If you would like to buy one from her, please email her at shellibryan @ yahoo.com.  I am not sure if she ships but if you live close to or in Las Vegas you could come get it!  I think she may also be selling kits with everything you need to make your own!

So, I had considered making one just like Shelli’s, but then I decided it would be fairly costly to get the dry erase vinyl.  I also wasn’t up for a big project like that.  I would have had to take my magnet board off the wall and remove the fabric to get the vinyl on.  And getting the vinyl to lay flat and have all those lines straight is NOT easy!  I leave that to the professionals, like Shelli!

Instead, I decided to just use my Silhouette to cut squares of chalkboard contact paper.  I first did an experiment to make sure it would stick to the fabric.  It did!  I used the magnets that I had on my board before for the numbers.  I replaced the papers I had inside them with this turquoise paper and then added vinyl numbers to the fronts.  These are watch maker tins, in case you were wondering.


I applied vinyl days of the week to the wall above it in order to maximize the space I had for my squares. 


I just LOVE it.  I think it looks so cute and it is super helpful to have all the family’s activities right there where we can all see them and know what is going on.  I wrote on it with regular chalk I got at Wal-Mart or somewhere, but I recently purchased some chalk from Amazon that is AMAZING!  It write soooo much nicer.  You can buy it HERE in case you have a chalkboard that needs awesome chalk. 


You can see on the 22nd and 28th I used the new chalk.

Another reason these huge calendars are so great is that you can put up invitations for parties and events on the day they are going to happen.  That way you have all the info you need right there.  It is just a great way to get your family organized. 

I encourage you to contact Shelli and get one for yourself!

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  1. Cool! FYI, the link for the awesome chalk doesn't seem to actually have a link. I'm not sure why.

  2. Hi Emily,

    I was wondering if your friend was still doing the calendars. I tried contacting her but didn't get a reply.


  3. Hi Emily,

    I was wondering if your friend was still making these. I tried contacting but didn't get a response.



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