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My son recently had an accident.  It’s a very long story about bad ER doctors, but the short story is that he hurt his foot, we didn’t know what he did, he suffered for 4 loooong days with a 2” wood skewer inside his foot and an infection, he had surgery to remove it, and then he had to be on an antibiotic FOUR times a day for TEN days!  He is fine now and we are so grateful for the doctor that DID figure out what was wrong with him and got him into surgery right away before the infection got into his blood stream!

ANYWAY, as any mother knows it isn’t always easy to remember to give your kid his antibiotic, ESPECIALLY four times a day!

Luckily my brain was working the day we started it and I had an idea to use my iphone as an alarm for all the times we needed to give him his meds.  It worked perfectly and we never missed a dose!  I thought I would share it with all you other moms out there!



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  1. GREAT idea!!! So sorry for that horrible story to get you to this idea though :(

  2. Oh how scary!!! How did he get it in his foot? Poor little guy, and poor YOU!

  3. Why didn't I think of this? I could use that when I'm on antibiotics too.


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