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My House, continued- The Boys’ Bathroom and Laundry

This is my boys’ bathroom.  Its nothing spectacular.  We added bead board and pegs to the walls to give it some architectural interest.  Unfortunately, the pegs are too high for little boys and some of them have been pulled loose by kids tugging on their towels to get them down.

I used to have a cute shower curtain, but it got ruined.  I bought a white fabric one on clearance recently that I’ve been meaning to do something cute to but I haven’t been able to figure out what to do.  Anyway, it works for showering and brushing teeth!  I am REALLY looking forward to having more bathrooms though as there is MUCH fighting over this one.  YES, boys fight over bathrooms, too.


I made the artwork by putting wallpaper frogs on canvases and coating with a clear coat.  I think they are cute.


I don’t know why this A is hanging so high.  Someone must have knocked it off and then hung it back up wrong.IMG_7988

This house is AMAZING when it comes to the electrical.  The lights in this bathroom and the master have not burnt out in 11 years!  Can you even believe that??IMG_7989

These cabinets need a new coat of polyurethane.  They’ve had water dripped down the front a few too many times.IMG_7990

Here is our laundry room.  Nothing special.  Not decorated.  But I LOVE that it is upstairs.  I will miss that so much! And yes, I have a lot of crap!


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  1. Really cute idea with the frogs on canvas! And I LLLOVE the robe hooks with initials....Inspiring. :)


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