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My House, continued- The Boys’ Bedrooms

Don’t laugh.  My kids bedrooms are not cute.  At one point they were.  I loved my nursery.  I decorated it just after we moved in while I was pregnant with my second son.  He is now almost 10!  And the other bedroom used to be cute too.  We decorated it in a African theme for my oldest son on Christmas eve.  He was at his dad’s house that night so we could do it and surprise him on Christmas morning.  I was sooooo tired that night!  My parents came to help.  We painted and I had made duvet covers with animal print faux fur.  But that was many years ago.  Now, they are just a place for kids to sleep and keep their stuff.  We have had two kids in these rooms for a long time.  And they are small bedrooms.  It is cramped, to say the least.  But, here they are so you can see. 

Don’t you love the basketball posters over the baby border?  My 8 year old is in here now and my 17 year old stays in here when he is over.  The shelves above the windows used to hold a teddy bear collection.  I had cute crib bedding in these colors with teddy bears in clothes on it. 

And don’t you love the beds?  They are made out of boxes of food storage.  Remember, I am one of those crazy Mormons!


My kids have tried to rip off some of the little wallpaper decorations between the words in the border.  It looks great!


Here is the other room.  We did repaint it a few years ago to this cream color.  The bed isn’t made from food storage, but it has a lot of it underneath.  And that is my crib with the side taken off for a toddler bed.  My youngest could sleep in a big bed but there is hardly enough room in here for one.  So he will stay in this bed until we move.


Here you see one dresser in the corner.  Then we have this armoire that I got for a closet for my first son 17 1/2 years ago.  We had to put it together ourselves and then finish it.  One of my kids (not sure who) broke out that bottom panel.  I still use it as a closet for my youngest.  It works well.  Next to it is the changing table.  I can NOT wait until I no longer need a changing table!  I don’t think I will feel sad about giving up diapers forever!


I would love to be able to decorate my kids rooms cute again.  But with these rooms being so crowded and funds being tight it just hasn’t seemed worth it.  Besides, once your kids get to a certain age (boys especially) they aren’t too keen on you dictating how their room should look.  They seem to enjoy hanging “ugly” posters on the walls and ruining the look you’re trying to create.  What I wouldn’t give for a girl who wanted her room done up in “my style”!


  1. Our boys' rooms look similar, although I don't have the baby wall paper behind posters, only because I never even got around to making a cute nursery for ANY of my boys. Anyways, I totally relate to the posters! Bleh! And then my husband told me the other day he got a Kevin Durrant fathead for our oldest sons' room, which also comes with lots of other things to put all over the wall. In the room that we just finished in the basement so it's actually painted and somewhat decorated nicely. GRRRR! :)

  2. those posters are signed by the team. They are awesome. Just wait till next year when we will be even better!!!!

  3. Beautiful. And the Baby Bjorn Babysitter is such an amazing thing. Great for babies too big to be always lying on their backs, big enough to want to be where you are, but too small to sit down on their own. It saved us.
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