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My House, continued- The Loft

Let’s see, I guess we will move upstairs.  There is one room down stairs I didn’t get photographed yet.  It’s my son’s bedroom and he hadn’t made his bed yet when I was doing the photographing.  Hopefully I will get it done later.

At the top of the stairs we have a loft area.  This room has been changed around numerous times to try to accommodate different furniture.  For years we had a green plaid camel back sofa that I got when my first son was born.  It was a very good couch that held up extremely well.  It has recently been moved to my mom’s basement where my oldest son will be living, in fact right back into the spot where it lived when I first got it!  He was nursed as a baby on that couch and now he will be using it as a college student.  Probably not sentimental to a 17 year old boy, but it is to me.

This room is where we keep toys and the kids hang out.  We recently got this big comfy sectional from a friend.  It is great for our whole family to sit on together so we had to get a new TV for us to all watch movies together up here.  We have really been loving having this space for family time.

Before we got this sofa we had the other one centered on this wall under that big magnet board, with a bookcase on either side.  The kids display their artwork on the magnet board.  I meant to frame it out with molding but never got it done.  It looks pretty sloppy all the time, but at least the kids have somewhere to display their work.


Remember the big buffet I got that someone had put out for the trash?  Well, here it is all refinished.  I haven’t gotten around to writing a post about it but I will soon.  It is the perfect piece for this room and stores all our movies as well as a DVD player and VCR.  I just love it!

Those are all our photo albums.  Don’t worry.  I am not up to date at all on those.  I think I got all my pictures into them up until I got a digital camera in 2009 or so.  But they pictures are just stuck in and I need to go back and journal about them.  Pictures are my nemesis!!! They stress me out soooo bad. 

That sign sitting in front of the albums used to be downstairs but I wanted to bring it up here.  It is supposed to be hanging up above the TV but we haven’t gotten around to that either.


Behind this half wall are 5 huge toy bins full of toys.  We have way to many toys, but I have a hard time getting rid of them!  Soon I should be able to get rid of all the babyish toys, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.



I chose this cream paint color for up here because downstairs used to be so colorful that I just needed to be able to get away from the color.  I do love off-white though.  I like this room because it is always very light and bright.  And sunshine makes me happy.

If I had unlimited funds and ample time all the rooms in my house would be very different.  I used to spend a lot of time thinking about and decorating my house.  But then I got more kids…a lot more kids!  And I have since decided that having a perfectly decorated house is just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Do you have a good space for your family to relax together?  If not, get one.  It has made a big difference in our home!

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  1. I love that huge magnet board! What a great idea!! My boys would all love having their work showed off all the time. And I appreciate your honesty. I have felt bad for a long time when I see all these amazingly decorated homes/rooms from the blogs I read and have finally decided that the time and money would be much better spent elsewhere.


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