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My House, continued- The powder room

Next up is my powder room.  Boy oh boy has this room been a pain in my neck.  When we were first painting this house, my husband broke the pedestal sink.  I knew that I wanted to turn a dresser into a vanity and have an above counter sink.  But I think we lived with no sink in here for 3 or 4 years, maybe longer.  I finally got my hands on an Ebay dresser that was the right size and style.  I had to refinish it because the paint job on it was SUPER shabby Chic.  I found a bowl I loved at Home Goods and had my dad drill out a hole for the drain with his dental drill.  I found a faucet I could afford on Ebay.  Then it took quite awhile before I could get it all assembled.  My younger sister who is good at wood working helped me to alter the drawers to accommodate the plumbing.  I hired a company to come and put it all together.  They did a good job except they caulked around the bottom of the bowl with some ugly caulk.  I hurried and got it off and recaulked it. 


Hanging on this wall is a quilt top made from decorator fabric samples.  I got boxes of these samples from the job I had before I was married.  I cut them all into 12x12 squares and asked friends and family to sew them all together.  We used them as blankets at the picnic we had after my wedding in the St. George temple.  It looked gorgeous!  I love this red one, especially because I love red and am unable to wear it with my red hair and complexion.  I intended to actually up0holster this wall with this quilt top, but alas, it is still hanging up with the thumb tacks we stuck it up there with 11 years ago!  The wall behind it isn’t even painted, except it says “HI” with a smiley face in red paint, compliments of my husband!



  1. Wow. I cannot believe all the effort that went into that. You are amazing. And it all does look great!!

  2. I love love love this bathroom and that sink! What a creative way to place the faucet! (And your posts crack me up. You guys have some fun, don't you?!)


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