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My House, continued- The Master Bedroom

I love my bedroom.  It is huge.  I’ve never really gotten around to decorating it.  But I like my furniture.  My parents bought us this bed when we got married as a wedding gift.  I liked the antique look of it.  I would probably choose something different now, but I still do like it.  It is a BIG bed and it is HIGH.  You kinda needs steps to get on it.  So, we needed BIG bedside tables to go with it.  These ones are file cabinets with leather tops.

I need some new lamp shades.  I got these lamps for a great price at Hobby Lobby years ago.  But they didn’t have two with matching shades.  My bedding came from Target.  It was on clearance for like $40 or something.  I had to buy the sham in the middle and the gold pillow separately.  I think they cost about $40 together from Dillard’s or somewhere.  I don’t know why king bed sets only come with two Euro shams.  That’s not enough in my opinion.

Sorry, the color on this picture isn’t great.  The steamer trunk at the end of the bed is an antique my mom bought me for a hope chest.  I refinished it inside and out for my Young Women in Excellence project.  It will be with me till I die, I am sure.



This antique dresser was my dresser from childhood.  I love it so much.  I am so grateful my mom let me keep it when I grew up.  Thanks, Mom!


This little table in the corner with the TV was made by my great grandfather.  My mom had it in her house for years with a thick coat of turquoise paint on it.  Not sure who painted it that way but I know it wasn’t my mom.  Back when I had my first son and I was living with my parents I refinished it to match the room I had as my living area.  Forest green was big back then so I painted the legs that color.  I need to repaint it now but that is way down on my priority list.  But I love having a table that was made by one of my ancestors.


And here is my bathroom.  Nothing special.  I chose cream paint in here way back when so I wouldn’t get any sickly reflections on my skin.  It is a nice bright bathroom with natural light, which I like.


That’s my room.  You can’t see it but there is an elliptical machine on the other wall that I use to hang clothes on:)

Here is my closet/my husband’s office.  He used to have his office in the room downstairs.  Then he had a job where he didn’t work at home and we needed that room for a bedroom, so we moved his stuff to our closet, which is almost as big as the kids bedroom and has a non-functioning window.  Well, a couple years ago he got a job where he needed to work at home again.  So, the poor guy works all day in our closet.  I know he is looking forward to having an office where he doesn’t have to look at clothes and all our crap again.  He is a good sport.


Well, that is the end of this tour of my home….until I get some pictures taken of the last bedroom.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it.  I have a degree in interior architecture and design, and yet my home is FAR from perfect.  But how your home is decorated is far less important than the love it contains and the family it holds.

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  1. Haha. He may not miss looking at clothes while he works, but he WILL miss watching his wife undress while he works. Now, how many men get that perk at work? :)


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