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My House, continued- The Family Room

Ok, next up is my little family room/ craft room.  I don’t love this space.  I dislike how you come into my house and it’s the family room.  But it had to be done.  I hate my couches!  I’ve wanted to replace them for a long time.  But my kids have been pretty hard on furniture and I was worried about how I would react if I got new couches and then my kids ruined them.  So, we still have these ones.  They are ok.  I am just tired of them.  They are slipcovered and if I had more time and money I would attempt to make new slipcovers for them.  But I have neither.  The coffee table needs a facelift.  It will actually be going to live with my son who is starting college in the fall.

The chandelier used to hang down to table height and we had a dining table there.  We tied it up with a zip tie when we changed things around and its been that way ever since!

The drapes were made by me and the curtain rods are made from copper pipes with amber light bulb finials. 

This room used to be painted in dark fall colors.  It was fun for awhile, but when we started using this room more I got tired of the dark colors and we repainted it this light green.  That orange wall on the stairs needs to be repainted, but again, haven’t gotten to it yet!


I’ve had this buffet here for a long time.  It used to have a large mirror over it and was a nicer entry.  But we had to have a TV when we changed this to our family room.  So the mirror went upstairs to my bedroom and the flat screen went on the wall.


Here you can see my craft space.  I do love this space.  It is very useful and helps me contain most of my crafting messes to this space, rather than spreading them all over the kitchen like I used to do.  Here you can see the green buffet that I got with the dresser in the kitchen.  I had originally planned to cut the top off and make an upholstered seat to put on it like a window seat.  But the two layers of surfaces were so useful I kept them as they are.

I got the huge buffet and hutch from a guy on Craigslist for $40.  His grandma had passed away and he needed to get rid of it.  He seemed happy to see it go to someone who would really love it.  I had planned to paint all this furniture off white so it would all match, but it hasn’t gotten done yet!

The little hutch on my desk came from an antique store.  It is so great!  It must have been a mail sorter’s hutch or something because it has all little cubbies and drawers.  It is just perfect for all my office supplies.  And I love having something that is so old and been around for so long.  It was a great find!



Our floor was laid by my husband with the help of his dad about 8 years ago.  It is laminate.  It has been a great floor for our family. 


Here is one more view of my kitchen I forgot yesterday:


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