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So, I’ve got a plan for our mornings with our SUPER SUMMER SCHEDULE. I’ve got a fun READING PROGRAM ready. Now for our afternoons.  I have A LOT to do to get ready to move.  I have to be able to devote a good chunk of time to packing and organizing and fixing things in our house.  I can’t be constantly entertaining bored kids.  Nor do I think that its good for kids to be constantly entertained.  Kids need to have some self directed time.  It is important to me that my kids work on some educational things during the summer.  We haven’t really done this in past summers and I wish we would have.

So, I have come up with the STUPENDOUS SIX, which are six tasks for my kids to do on their own each afternoon while I am working on other things.  My oldest is off on his own now, but my next two sons can do these all on their own.  My five year old will need a little help and my youngest will be napping during this time.

Here they are:

Stupendous six daily activities via remarkable home copy

(A life book is like a journal made from a composition book that the kids get to decorate)

Somehow I have to link these tasks to earning screen time but I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet.  I am thinking like they can earn ten minutes of screen time per task so they could earn 5 hours for the weekend.  What would you do??

To get this FREE PRINTABLE click the button below.  In exchange you will just need to share it for me. Thanks!

Stupendous Six Summer Printable


  1. THANK YOU! I am going to be home almost every day with my kids this summer--first time ever--and your ideas are right up the alley of what I would like to do. Love that I found you on Pinterest.

    1. April, you're welcome! I'm glad you found me. Did you also see my Super Summer Schedule? http://www.remarkablehome.net/2012/06/super-summer-schedule-free-printable.html Check it out:)

  2. Great idea! Will use this. Thank you.


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