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I posted this last summer, but thought it would be fun to re-post for the newcomers to ReMarkable Home.  Hope you like it!

We have a wall in our stairwell.  Years ago we followed a tradition of my husband’s family and created a picture wall on that blank space.  The picture wall was just hundreds of snapshots stapled to the wall so that they overlapped.  There were a few enlargements as well.  We would put up pictures of our friends and family and cute shots of our kid or pictures of memorable events.  It was fun.  But I got tired of it having no rhyme or reason.

So, I decided the pictures needed a frame to go in.  So, down came the pictures.  I got some molding to make a frame, but was too afraid to attempt it on my own.  So, maybe a year later my younger sister Jennifer, who is very handy and knows how to build things, came into town and helped me get the frame up.  After that I just needed to fill the nail holes and paint it and then re-hang the pictures.  Well, 4 or 5 years later I still haven’t gotten it done!  This is the story of my life.  We lived without a sink in our downstairs bathroom for about 4 years because it took me that long to complete the project of a vessel sink made from a bowl on a little antique dresser.

Anyway, since I never painted the frame and put the pictures back up, this space has been used for some different things.  Currently, it is housing our SUMMER TO-DO LIST, which is the main topic of this post!  Here it is!


I cut 12x12 paper (this is from Wal-Mart) into quarters so I had 6x6 squares.  Then I made 4x4 squares with the activities printed in them.  I used 8 different fonts.  I attached the white squares to the scrapbook paper squares with double stick tape.  Originally I was going to do a banner with these, but I got a little carried away and made close to 80 squares!  So, the banner would have been longer than my house!  So, instead, I used sticky tack to put these up in my frame.  They make it look must more cheerful!  Don’t mind the old paint.  There is also a hole one of my precious boys kicked in the wall when he was mad!  Aren’t kids so fun???!!!


Now, I want you to know this is not perfect.  Nothing I do ever is!  Do they fit in the frame perfectly??  NO.  Are the squares perfectly square?  NO.  Did my printer cut off the border on some of the squares?  YES.  Do I dislike one of the fonts I chose?  YES.  But, since I am fighting perfectionism I just let all of these things be.  It doesn’t change the fact that we are going to have a super fun summer!  My kids are VERY excited about all these activities.  I am hoping it keeps them from being complete couch potatoes this summer.  But, I must admit I am worried I will not be able to keep up with this plan!!!


For those who might like to see my list more clearly, here it is!  ALSO, we will be needing friends to accompany us in some of these activities.  So I hope some of my Vegas friends will let me know what they would like to do with us!


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