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SCRIPTURE LOVE {Free Printable}

Scripture Valentine FREE Printable @ ReMarkable-Home.blogspot.com
I love Valentine’s Day.  It's not a huge holiday, but it is special to me.  I love that I can just do something small to tell all the special people in my life that I love them!  What is better than a day about love?  I used to not like it so much before I was married and didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with.  I wish I had the attitude about it then that I do now.  It’s not so much about lovers as about love.  My husband and I usually forgo an alone date in order to stay home and love on our kids.  We exchange Valentines and have a cheese and chocolate fondue dinner together.  It is fun and our kids look forward to it.  We want them to know they are important to us and that we love them dearly.
My mom always did cute things for us on Valentine’s day.  She would make heart shaped pancakes or waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast.  She always gave us some type of cute Valentine that she made that always expressed her love to us, and usually came with something sweet.  For dinner she would often make heart shaped English muffin pizzas.  This was long before the days of oodles of ideas via Pinterest or blogging.  She wasn’t a very craft oriented person, so these little things meant a lot and were out of the norm.  My dad always gave us a store bought card, which I loved because we were not a store bought card kind of family.  He also gives us Dove ice cream bars!  Sometimes he gave us cute stuffed animals, too.
All of us girls (there were 7 of us) exchanged Valentine’s with each other, too.  And we still do.  Cousins make Valentine’s for each other and we sisters often make a treat or something for each other’s families.  This year I made this printable that I am sending to all my sisters for Valentine’s day.  And I wanted to share it here with my readers.  I hope you like it!
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Scripture Valentine FREE PRINTABLE from ReMarkable Home


  1. I believe ...every day is valentines day ...but a special day to celebration about love is very romantic...I wanted this day near
    I wanted a special person to say, to show, to....make me to believe again...I wanted this word born again inside of me...bcs someone killed it

  2. Pinned it! And shared it on Facebook. Super cute!

  3. This is so awesome Emily! I love it and I am pinning!

    1. Thanks Mindi! Would you like to do a guest post on my blog sometime?

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I like to decorate my boys bathroom a little for each holiday...and I'm going to frame ur printable and set it on the counter for them to see each morning! Thank you!

  5. Sending this to the missionaries in our family. Thanks!

  6. I'm printing this to frame as a teacher gift for both of my kids. :) Thanks!


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