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Simple Solution for a Slimmer Wallet {ReMarkableHome.net}

My wallet gets so full I can’t even snap it sometimes.  I realized this is mostly due to rewards cards and of course too many receipts.  There’s nothing I can do about the receipts but I did decide it was time to get the rewards cards out of my wallet and into my purse.  I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest awhile back and just decided today was the day to do it.  The pin came from Cooking at CafĂ© D.

Simple Solution to a Slimmer Wallet @ ReMarkableHome.net

Just take out all those credit cards type rewards cards, as well as all your punch/stamp card from your wallet.  Punch holes in the corners with a heavy duty hole punch (I use a Crop A Dile Big Bite, which I love and use for many things like my Mason Jar Sippy Cups.)

Make sure you don’t punch on the magnetic strip side on the rewards cards.  Then stick them on a binder ring and you’re done! No more fat wallet!


  1. Great idea! I just bought a new wallet and there's not enough room for all of my rewards cards. I might clip the binder ring to a key chain (so I can find it in my purse!).
    --Missy A.

    1. Good idea! Alot of purses have that little thing inside for putting your keys on. That would be a great place to clip it!

  2. Great tip Emily! I have the exact same problem!


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