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Create With Me: March Features and April’s Project

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Well, Create With Me, my virtual crafting group, has gotten underway this past month.  We have about 70 members so far on our Create With Me Facebook Page.  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to come join our group, if you haven’t already! And invite all your crafty friends to join as well! It is really fun to share our creations with each other and get some positive feedback on the things we are doing!

This month I only had a few people submit projects based off the inspiration piece.  And I had a few others submit projects they’ve been working on that have nothing to do with the inspiration project, which was so fun!  Today, I will show off the projects that related to the inspiration piece here, but please go visit our Facebook page to see all the projects that people have been doing!

This was the inspiration piece:

And these are the projects that were submitted:

Jennifer submitted this.  I love it.  Its so Celtic (right, Jen?)

This was submitted by Maria.  Love the chevron and the distressed look!

This one was also submitted by Jennifer…she was on a roll! Isn’t this just adorable?

So, those are the projects that were inspired by the inspiration piece.  There are some other fun creations on the Facebook page so be sure to check them out!

This was my project.  You can find a tutorial for it HERE:

OKAY! Now to announce


Ready?? Here it is! I found this at Krokotak.com.  It is a wreath made from egg carton flowers!  I love the bright colors.  Click the picture for a tutorial.  The post is in another language but the pictures explain things well.  She let her kids help her make and paint the flowers! I love the variety and the bright colors. You don’t have to make a wreath….there are other ways you could use egg carton flowers in a craft.  Maybe a topiary?? Get Creative!

Just for fun, here are a couple other egg carton flower wreaths:

More muted colors…still pretty.  Jane, the creator, has some good directions as well. (click picture to go to her blog post)

egg carton flowers

Found this one on Pinterest but the blog it came from is only open to invited readers:(  But I like how its in a frame and the simple bright colors!

And one last one from Homemade Serenity.  (Click picture to go to post)

I just think these are so cheerful and pretty and I love that they are recycling and CHEAP!  And we are all going to have extra egg cartons after all the Easter egg dying that will be going on in the next couple days!  And you can just use cardboard for your wreath form!  Or use a pool noodle from the Dollar Store!  Or if you don’t want a wreath, find another way to use these flowers for something. 

What do you think of the Inspiration Project?  I hope you like it!

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