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Create With Me Update- Group Page Created for Sharing!

You're Invited To Create With Me Every Month @ ReMarkableHome.net

A couple days ago I posted about my new idea to have a crafting group! I’ve had a great response and am super excited to start making fun things each month with all of my amazing readers!

You can find that original post explaining it all HERE. 

The short of it is each month I will post an Inspiration Project at the beginning of the month.  You will have 25 days to make your own version of the project.  At the end of the month I will feature a few of my favorite ones.  It will be super fun and we will all end up with a COMPLETED project each month! Woo Hoo!!

I wanted to give you all the link to the Facebook Page I’ve created for all those who want to participate.  You can find and join the group HERE (http://www.facebook.com/groups/493211650724616/)

So please go and join the group.  Use the page to post questions, comments, photos of your project, etc.  Have fun interacting with a group of people who enjoy crafting!  If you’re not on Facebook, maybe now is the time to take the plunge.  If you really don’t want to, you can always email me a picture of your project at the end of the month and I will post it on the group page for others to see.

Please let me know if you have any problems joining. 

And I would LOVE for you to spread the word and invite your friends and family to join us!

The more, the merrier!

And most importantly, HAVE FUN CREATING!

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