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Pinteresting Tuesdays- How to use up all those Easter PEEPS!

Pinteresting Tuesdays at Remarkable Home

Peeps are pretty much a must at Easter time. I mean, how can you NOT buy them? They are so cute with their little faces and sparkly sugar in pretty bright colors.  I always get them for my kids’ baskets.  And I think most of my kids like them and eat them…my kids pretty much eat anything made out of sugar!  But I know a lot of people don’t like Peeps.  So, I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some things you can do with Peeps, either to make them yummier or to just make them into something you won’t be eating.  There are some really fun ideas out there.  So, go grab a few boxes and get busy transforming them.  Or, steal them from your kids on Easter!

How fun would it be to get a box of these?  Chicks with their bottoms dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  So pretty!

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I love these flowers arrangements with the Peeps inside the vase.  So colorful and festive!

Look at this Peep wreath! So cute!  You could make a few small ones to put on your kids’ bedroom doors.  The Dollar Tree always has small wreath forms.

These are too cute!  Stick your peeps on a stick and dress them up.  How fun!

This peep topiary is fun! How cute on an Easter mantel or your buffet table.  I love the jelly beans in the container, too.

These are probably pretty yummy.  Peeps dipped in dark chocolate with a marshmallow tail.  Love them!

Source: rookno17.com via Emily on Pinterest

A great way to fill up those apothecary jars!  Peeps are a lot cheaper than some other possible fillers!

This would be so fun to take to a friend!  You could probably dip the ears instead.

Another fun friend treat with a cute saying!  Wrapping each pop in cellophane really dresses them up, too!

I made these a few years ago.  Peep S’mores in a jar.  Yum!

Another cute wreath and a good way to use up some Easter grass as well!

Use your peeps to make Rice Krispies Treats instead of plain marshmallows!

Another cute topiary.  Love the grass it’s sitting in, too!

How about using peeps to hold place cards on your Easter table?

Love this peep specimen art, especially the one with the ears bitten off!


Do you like Peeps?  Do you eat them?  Will you try to do anything different with them this year?


  1. So many cute ideas! Love the new header too!

  2. I'd never ever heard of peeps until a couple of weeks ago. Then I read the name on a blog - but I still didn't know what they were. Now I know - but I'm still pretty sure you can't get them in the UK

    1. Don't worry. They're not that great:) they are cuter than they are yummy!


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