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Question for my Readers about commenting

My sister brought to my attention that she can’t comment on my blog. She uses Firefox as her web browser and when I have the comment form embedded in the blog post so that you write your comments on the same page as the post, rather than in a pop-up box, she can’t comment.  She can write the comment and click post, but it never shows up.

I am wondering if other Firefox users have had this problem.  I love the embedded comment form because you can reply directly to another commenter in the thread.  You can’t do that with the pop-up comment form.  But I don’t want to keep people from commenting.

Please leave me a comment letting me know if you use Firefox and if you have been able to comment on my blog the past few months or not.  I currently have the comment form set to pop-up, rather than embedded, so everyone should be able to comment.


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