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Easter Hanging Specimen Art {Easy, Fast, and Cheap}

Easter Hanging Specimen Art {Easy, Fast, and Cheap} ReMarkable Home

I picked up some little glittered styrofoam Easter Eggs at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago.  I thought the colors were pretty and figured I could use them somehow.  They came in a pack of 12, I believe and each one had a little ribbon hanger, like an ornament.  {more after the break}

Just before St. Patrick’s Day I set up the little bit of Easter décor that I have on a big buffet in our family room.  The mantel was decorated for St. Patrick’s day already.  I had put this oval frame that actually belongs to my sister on the buffet.  She couldn’t take all of her décor with her on her mission so she left it for me to use.  Isn’t that so nice?  I made this frame and she bought it from me.  It is intended to hang on the front door as a wreath, but I thought I would be cute on my Easter buffet.  I liked the size and shape and color, but it needed something in the center.  It looked too empty.

Enter my dollar store glittered egg ornaments.  I grabbed some thin ribbon, some tape and the ornaments and spent 5 minutes while talking on the phone stringing the eggs on the ribbon.  All I did to secure the ribbon was tape it to the back of the frame.   I love it!  It was exactly what it needed!

You could do this with any frame you have laying around; it doesn’t have to be oval.  If you don’t like the color of your frame, get out your trusty spray paint and go at it! I love Rustoleum the best.  Be sure to prime!

Easter Hanging Specimen Art {Easy, Fast, and Cheap} ReMarkable Home

And here is my whole display.  I picked up the rabbits at Home Goods, as well as the egg wreath and I absolutely love them!

Easter Mantel @ ReMarkableHome.net

Easter Mantel @ ReMarkableHome.net



  1. LOVE IT!!! You're sister is so nice. You should leave her the eggs. haha

  2. Very fun easter display Emily! I love hanging eggs in the frame!

  3. Melinda, I definitely should! I am mad cause I was at the dollar store yesterday and they had more. I should have picked up a couple more packs!

    Jen, thanks!

    Mindi, thanks!


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