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Super Summer Schedule Re-Post {FREE Printable}

I’ve noticed this is very popular on Pinterest right now so I thought I’d repost it for my readers who are new since last year.  Hope you like it!
I’ve been working hard trying to figure out how to make this summer work.  With all the packing and things I need to do to prepare for our move, I don’t want my kids sitting in front of the TV all day, bored out of their minds.  I REALLY want them to get to have a fun summer, despite the move.
I’ve been looking for ideas and will be compiling some different things to make a fun summer for my kids.  I came across this
I loved some of their ideas.  I am up in the mountains at my sister’s cabin and I decided to work out our summer plans while I am up here.  Today I came up with theme days for our week days.  I made this cute printable to share with my readers.  I haven’t printed it yet, so if you print it and the colors are awful, please tell me.  I have no printer up here to try it out on.
Free Printable from ReMarkable Home. Come get your own Super Summer Schedule!
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Super Summer Schedule Printable
I’ll keep you posted on what else I come up with for our summer plans!


  1. This is awesome Emily! I will totally pin it! Where are you guys moving too? I didn't even know you were in Utah, I thought you were in Vegas?!!! I hope all is well!

    1. What a cute idea! Pinning now....

  2. Oops - I didn't mean to make the above comment a reply!


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