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Chalkboard Chore Chart Clipboard

My kids have a hard time staying on task in the mornings.  Rather than constantly be on them to get ready and tell them what to do next, I created these fun "Morning Mission" boards for them.
They are made from clipboards covered with chalkboard vinyl Contact paper.  It measures about 12" by 9".  I created this as a way for my kids to be reminded of all the things they need to do to get ready for the day!  It works really well for them.  If your kids are anything like mine, you don't want them anywhere near markers.  So, I made this to be used with chalk...they can't do too much damage with chalk, right? 
  I call it their "Morning Mission" rather than chores, as it seems much more exciting to accomplish a mission than chores!
I sell the vinyl for you to make one of your own.  It is $15 for the words and check boxes.   I can customize it with different tasks if necessary.  Colors can be customized as well.  This one is a really cute blue and green which would work for a boy or girl.
You can paint your clipboard with chalkboard paint or cover it with chalkboard contact paper like I did.
Email me at remarkablehome@gmail.com if you would like to purchase the vinyl.
You could also just paint the words and boxes on if you used chalkboard paint.


  1. this is great! i already created a system and wish i had seen this first. might have to implement somehow.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing this link with me! These are super cute as well! Now I'm off to look around your other fun projects. :)

  3. Super Cute! Oh and I just can't help comment on the 5 sons...You are my hero!!! I have 3 sons, and feel out numbered and overun by all things boy! =) Here is to staying girlie in the blogging world!!!

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  5. Where did u get the check boxes? I can't fund them anywhere?

  6. So cute!!!! Where did you get the check boxes? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!

    1. Janelle, i made the boxes and the words from vinyl on my Silhouette.


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