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Well, it seems all I have time for amidst entertaining four kids (my teenager is living with his dad right now) and trying to clean up after the messes they make while they are all home is cooking.  I just can’t seem to get to any crafts.  But, we all have to eat so cooking seems to be happening regularly!

This morning my son asked for fried eggs so I thought I would photograph how I make them.  I know people can be very opinionated about the correct way to cook eggs.  I only like eggs that I cook or my husband cooks for me.  I do not eat eggs at restaurants.  “Why?” you ask.  Because I don’t like slimy eggs!!!

I had to chuckle when I saw a recipe for “Frizzled Eggs” in some magazine awhile back.  They acted like it was some new method of cooking eggs, and yet I have been cooking them this way since childhood!  For those who don’t like eggs, give these a try.  They are seriously so yummy!

STEP 1- Put your stove on HIGH!  That’s right people.  I know chefs say you should cook eggs over a gentle heat.  But doing that gives you slimy super soft eggs.  So crank up the heat girls!


STEP 2- Don’t be afraid of butter.  Butter is your friend.  Butter gives your eggs delicious flavor.  Put a good teaspoon in the pan for two eggs.  Let it got nice and hot and bubbly.


STEP 3- Crack your eggs into the pan.  I like to use this little frying pan for making one or two eggs.  Make sure you use a non-stick pan.  Use the corner of your spatula to break up the thick part of the white around the yolk and spread it out a bit.  The thinner the white is, the better.


STEP 4- Season your eggs with salt and fresh cracked pepper.  Lots of pepper cause it is yummy!  AACHOO!


STEP 5- Cook your eggs till the white is no longer clear and you have some nice browning around the edges.


STEP 6- CAREFULLY turn your eggs over using a large spatula.  Cook them on the other side for just 5-10 seconds if you like a soft yolk, or longer if you like your yolk more well done.  See that brown stuff?  It is yummy!  Don’t listen to chefs who say eggs should never have brown on them.  I wholeheartedly disagree!


STEP 7- Remove the eggs from the pan onto a plate.  Serve with toast if desired.






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  2. Definitely the best way to eat fried eggs! Is it really only 1 tsp of butter, or is it a tbls?

  3. I'm the same way with fried eggs, I'll only eat them if Jeremy or I have made them. I make mine just like you do, except I like my yolk broken up a bit more so it's more mixed in with the white, if that makes sense.

  4. yummy is right! I grew up on fried egg sandwiches...mmmm!

  5. Yumm....I only eat eggs with lots of cheese on them. I know, it probably negates any healthy qualities they have.

  6. I have to admit I have never tried a fried egg. LOL. But they always look so tempting especially on a sandwich. I guess I am just not brave enough. But on the brown eggs thing - I always thought your eggs were supposed to be browned. I didn't know that was considered "burned" by the almighty chefs of the world. I can now tolerate restaurant eggs but I prefer my mom's. I don't even really care for how mine turn out. Funny how we are used to things...

  7. YUM! I LOVE eggs with a nice crispy brown edge...I have never done them with butter, but I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow!! Pro Chefs don't know what they are missing with their slimy eggs, blech!


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